Box score, game 156

June 21, 2022

The Birds got trounced in games 154 and 155 and fell to 2 games behind in their division. Another loss would put them either 2 or 3 games out with just 6 to go. They needed a strong start from their ace to stay alive. Here’s what happened:

Their division rivals lost their own game 156, so Mark Fidrych’s 19th win brings the Worcester Birds back to one game out of the division lead with 6 to play.


Worcester Birds game notes:

  • G154: L 5-0
    • The Birds fan 12 times against Jerry Koosman.
  • G155: L 10-4
    • How can this team even be in the race at all with flammable rookie Mario Soto (8 runs in 1.1 innings) starting big games?
  • G156: W 10-1 (Fidrych 19-7)
    • Soderholm hits a grand slam to back a complete game victory for Fidrych. Still alive, but the future is iffy. One game back on the standings, plus Morgan is hurt and will miss game 157. Also, Bird can only start one more game, which means some wins are needed from the other starting pitchers, Tiant, Capilla, Moskau, and Soto, whose salaries are all lower than each of the pitchers they’ll be facing, whose combined salary is lower than two of the six opposing pitchers, and whose “you get what you pay for” ERAs are 5.42, 6.91, 4.98, and 6.83, respectively.


Standings after 156 games:

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