Benchwarmer cover final
Benchwarmer: A Sports-Obsessed Memoir of Fatherhood is available here. 

“Saying Josh Wilker writes about sports is like saying Proust wrote about cookies, or Tolstoy about Russia. The courts and ball fields are merely arenas in which he illuminates the entire human experience. Wilker is able to recognize within the ordinary—missed free throws, child rearing, the unheroic challenges of daily life— the authentically sublime. Benchwarmer is the best kind of art there is, the kind that makes you delighted to be alive.”—Matthew Specktor, author of American Dream Machine

“This almanac of fatherhood (and other failures) is honest, relatable and humorous—an indispensable read for fathers (and sons) whose joy in life comes not from winning the big game but being alive to witness the beauty of its happening.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Josh Wilker and I traded baseball cards and played Little League together. Yet each time I read his moving prose, I learn more about life’s journey – his, and that of our generation.”—Buster Olney, Senior Writer, ESPN

“The area where sports and life intersect, in the fan’s brain, is like a network of caverns that Josh Wilker is mapping better than any writer since Frederick Exley. In Benchwarmer, he goes spelunking in some of the deepest and darkest of those caves, where he painstakingly discovers that marriage and fatherhood, unlike sports, cannot be measured by wins and losses. This is a book filled with heart and tremendous grit.”—Jonathan Miles, author of Want Not

Benchwarmer is a book for anyone who’s ever loved sports, or had a kid. It’s a book about boys and about men, and you will weep.”—Rob Neyer, Fox Sports

Benchwarmer is the funniest, saddest, most touching picture of manhood in the 21st century that I have ever read.”—Jonathan Eig, author of Luckiest Man

“This has got to be the most honest book on fatherhood ever written. Josh Wilker gives it to you with humor, great writing, a lot of insight, tons of great sports anecdotes told really well, and no damn varnish—and it turns out you don’t need varnish to be heartbreakingly beautiful.” —David Ebenbach, author of Into the Wilderness


  1. I’m about halfway through this right now and loving it. The writing is (as always) fantastic, entertaining, hilarious. Also one of the most honest books I can ever remember reading. I love the format, so unique.

  2. Thanks so much!

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