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Gary Beare

August 5, 2009

Gary Beare 78



This card seems like it might be a mistake, and I’m not merely referring to the off-center P inside the baseball icon in the upper right corner. When I discovered it a few days ago in my box of cards, and realized that I had no memory of anyone named Gary Beare, I had to start poking around on the internet for facts that might disprove my hunch that someone affiliated with either the Brewers or Topps had, as a gag, grabbed the pudgy middle-aged guy who had come to check the gas meter, got him to pull a Brewers jersey on over his utility company windbreaker, and thrown him in front of the camera of a baseball card photographer. Maybe just before the shot was taken a suberball was offered to the subject to place in his cheek to make it look like he was gnawing a chaw of tobacco, just like a real player. Read the rest of this entry ?