The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training: the Book

BNBBTThings that make me happy:

  • The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training
  • that a book about The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training exists
  • that I wrote that book, which is available to purchase here
  • this customer testimony about the book: “What [Wilker] has done to a marvelous degree in this book is not only look at this lost, cheaply made sequel, but also America in the late 1970s in that period between the turbulent 1960s and the Reagan-dominated 1980s. This was an era in which a film could be made about a little league team that travels from LA to Houston in a stolen van without an adult, a film unthinkable in today’s age. . . Wilker has personalized cinema with his in-depth (120 pages) study of a film that was not only important to him, but to others of that generation. An informative and moving book.”
  • this appreciation of the book by Levi Stahl: “Josh Wilker on the 1970s, baseball, and the Bad News Bears”
  • this photograph:

bears and angels


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