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April 7, 2009

steve-renko-751One of the stories I followed throughout spring training this year was the attempt by Brad Wilkerson to hook on as a bench guy with my favorite team, the Boston Red Sox. No one with my last name has ever played for the Red Sox, or for any team in the major leagues, but Brad Wilkerson would have been pretty close, or as close as it’ll likely ever get unless perhaps my brother allows me to begin mixing human growth hormone into my young nephew’s spaghettios. Interestingly, the news that Wilkerson would not be breaking camp with the Red Sox was somehow somberly ambiguous enough to widen my self-centered disappointment to a more general consideration of Things Ending. Here’s how it was reported in the Boston Globe:

Before yesterday’s 3-1 win over the Phillies, Sox manager Terry Francona acknowledged that Wilkerson has left the club to ponder his options leading up to an April 1 contract deadline. At that time, Wilkerson has the right to opt out of his deal, though it remains unlikely he will have better options elsewhere.

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