Boom, boom, boom

June 21, 2022

And just like that, it’s over. Dropped three straight: mathematically eliminated. It’s not even real but I’m lying here in bed angry and sad. That fucking Bart Giamatti quote even applies to make-believe. “It’s designed to break your heart.”


  1. I hit the like button, but it was with all of the disingenuousness I could muster. Maybe falling short is appropriate and just where The Bird and his team was meant to land. I look forward to your recap and his final attempt to get to 20 wins.

  2. Damn, season ended with a thud but it was a fun chase.

  3. Tough finish. Who would have been your starter if it came down to a play-in game?

  4. Sad, but oddly not unforeseeable from the “voice of the mathematically eliminated”. Actually you are just the unfortunate victim of poor division alignment, as you would have comfortably won the West division. Where is the expanded playoffs when you need/deserve them?

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