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Thurman Munson

June 20, 2022

The captain of the Worcester Birds is Thurman Munson. If there was ever any doubt about that, here are some notes from the team’s most recent 9-game stretch as they battle down the wire for a division crown. 


Worcester Birds game notes (with stars of winning games in bold):

  • G145: W 8-5
    • The Birds enter this 3-game series one game behind their opponent, What’s Your Name?, for the division lead. With the Birds behind 5-1 going into the top of the 7th and on the brink of falling 2 games back, Munson sparks a comeback by belting a 2-run homer to cut into the lead. He then highlights a furious rally in the 8th by singling in the go-ahead run. Campbell pitches 4 scoreless innings for the win after a rough start by Lee.  
  • G146: W 8-7 (Fidrych 17-7)
    • Fidrych’s terrible 5-hit, 3-run first inning makes it seem that the dream of a 20-win season for him is going to end, but Munson immediately laces a base hit to open the top of the next inning, starting a rally that gets back all 3 runs. After Fidrych hands back the lead in the bottom of the inning, Munson keeps fighting, at first to no avail, with a single in the 3rd and another in the 5th, and Bostock (4 hits) keeps fighting too, and then when the rest of the Birds join in Munson puts them ahead to stay with a 2-run double in the 6th, and Fidrych earns a shaky 17th win with 3 starts to go. The win pushes the Birds into first by a game and clinches the season series against What’s Your Name? (which will break a tie should the teams finish with identical records).   
  • G147: L 5-0
    • No more miracles from Munson as Jim Slaton blanks the Birds.
  • G148: L 14-3
    • Capilla is ca-pounded.
  • G149: L 4-3
    • Bostock’s 2 hits include a 9th-inning single, the last of a rally that falls short and sees the Birds fall back into second place.
  • G150: W 5-1
    • Lee gets the win, but it’s Morgan and Bowa who deserve the game balls, as they turn 4 crucial double plays. Morgan adds a homer, a single, a walk, and a steal, while Bowa makes several spectacular plays to bolster Lee’s eminently hittable junkballing.
  • G151: W 4-2 (Fidrych 18-7)
    • In game 1 of the final series against their division rivals, What’s Your Name?, Fidrych shows up big, allowing just 1 run in 7.1 innings. Morgan has 2 hits, a walk, and 2 steals.
  • G152: L 9-3
    • In the bottom of the 3rd, with the Birds losing 6-0, Munson is, with obvious intent, beaned. The benches clear, fists and bodies fly. Afterward, Munson wants to continue but, with blood in his stubble, he is sent to the clubhouse for medical attention. How long will he be out? How can the Birds win without him?
  • G153: W 6-4
    • Munson returns. The crowd erupts, but this early boost is not enough for the team to avoid falling into a hole that seems destined to drop them 2 games out of the division lead with 9 to play. Going into the bottom of the 7th they trail 4-1. Morgan cuts the lead to 1 with a 1-out, 2-run home run. After another out, Munson doubles, his 3rd hit of the game, and Singleton follows with a 2-out, 2-run home run to put the Birds into the lead for good.


Standings after 153 games: