John Hiller/Red Sox-Rockies Game 4 Chat

October 28, 2007

If you tune into the fourth game of the World Series between the Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox tonight (FOX, 5:29 MT), you’re sure to hear a couple subjects hammered into the ground, namely 1) both teams have recent experience battling back from seemingly insurmountable deficits and 2) both starting pitchers have recent experience battling back from serious health issues. The Rockies, in an 0-3 hole, a deficit that only the 2004 Red Sox have ever been able to overcome, will presumably gird themselves tonight with the knowledge that they staved off almost certain elimination from playoff contention by going on an epic winning jag that began in mid-September and didn’t end until they saw Josh Beckett standing on the mound in the first game of the World Series. As for the other of tonight’s plotlines, Boston’s starter Jon Lester was diagnosed with cancer at the end of last season, and Colorado’s starter, Aaron Cook, who has been sidelined since August of this season with a strained side muscle, had his 2004 season end when blod clots were discovered in his lungs.

Their inspirational comebacks (which caused Clint Hurdle to gush in an article today by AP reporter Jimmy Golen that “God’s fingerprints are all over a lot of things”) follow in the footsteps of a hurler from the Cardboard Gods era, John Hiller. Hiller was sidelined for the entire 1971 season after suffering a heart attack, but in 1973 he authored perhaps the greatest season any bullpen hand has ever had (his 31 Win Shares is the single-season record for a reliever).

We never know when we’re going to be struck down, so I guess we should never believe we’re doomed, no matter what the circumstances, because, you know, who knows?

                                                     *    *    *

The lineups (courtesy of Extra Bases):

Red Sox
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, 1B
Manny Ramirez, LF
Mike Lowell, 3B
J.D. Drew, RF
Jason Varitek, C
Julio Lugo, SS
Jon Lester, LHP

Kazuo Matsui, 2B
Troy Tulowitzki, SS
Matt Holliday, LF
Todd Helton, 1B
Garrett Atkins, 3B
Ryan Spilborghs, CF
Brad Hawpe, RF
Yorvit Torrealba, C
Aaron Cook, P


  1. 1.  Hiller was sidelined for the entire 1971 season after suffering a heart attack

    It’s amazing anybody can come back from such a thing let alone pitch again in the MAJORS, wow, that’s pretty amazing. But I’m sure it wasn’t a massive hart attack, it’s still very very impressive though.

  2. 2.  I’m still kind of P.O’d at Hurdle though (I gotta focus my rath on somebody) let’s hope the Rockies at least win one.

  3. 3.  Jonny Gomes of Tampa Bay had a heart attack when he was 21 or 22.

  4. 4.  Well, which year was it? You’ve trained us to expect exact answers from you, not 21 or 22. And how baseball players have had heart attacks while playing? Which teams players have had the most heart attacks. Does Tommy Lasorda really give heart attacks? If so, to whom?

  5. 5.  Where did they take that picture?

    Notice the tilt, as if the earth has given up on this gravity crap, the shot taken just at the moment Hiller’s attention moves from home plate to gazing toward the direction of the tilt with a “what the hell…” kind of look, just before realizing that perhaps armageddon is upon us.

    Then there’s the background–nothing but God and green grass beyond the infield dirt except for what appears to be a humble subdivision or trailer park in deep, deep center field. One wonders what games were played here, what joys took place (baseball fields always have joys) and also, what motivated someone to look at a gigantic expanse of land where hardly a sentient being resides and and make the decision to build a baseball field.

    Perhaps it was because nothing else was being done with the land and our field designer thought like most of us that a baseball diamond can improve any patch of acreage. Perhaps the idea of a field started out as a noble idea that was ultimately given up on, a dream deferred by any number of things and in disappointment, left behind was the infield dirt and the barely scuffed bases. Either way, the creator of this field in whatever location this is could’ve hardly known that a player from the gosh-darned major leagues would one day stride the mound (“My mound? You’re kidding!”) for a photograph seen by thousands.

    Unless of course it’s just a drawing of a ballfield with Hiller’s picture pasted on it. That, of course, would change everything I’ve written here.

  6. 6.  3

    I just finished reading Gomes Wikipedia, is 8% body fat a lot? I’m just glad theres no history of hart attack in my family. Gomes looks kind of chubby these days.

  7. 7.  So no one since the 1970 Reds has won a game when down 3-0 in the World Series.

    In 1971, I collected baseball cards for the first time and the World Series Game 4 card had the headline “Reds Stay Alive” with a picture that didn’t really reflect the big event of the game, which was a 3-run homer by Lee May in the 8th.

    The Game 2 card had the headline “Buford Goes 2 for 4!”

  8. 8.  There seems to be a trend with the country singers singing the National Anthem. Is it a right of passage to have wood in year last name if your a country singer.

  9. 9.  1910 and 1937 were the other World Series where the team down 3-0 actually won one game.

  10. 10.  Bob Moose was the last pitcher to start a postseason game without a September start.

    He started Game 6 of the 1971 World Series. His last start that year had been on August 31.

    Bob Moose died on his 29th birthday.

  11. 11.  10

    he was on his way to his 29th birthday party, no less.

  12. 12.  7 : I liked those special World Series cards. They seem to have stopped making them after ’77, I think.

  13. 13.  In the 1971 World Series, the Pirates used six different pitchers to start the first six games.

    Steve Blass was the only guy to pitch two.

    Moose was starting Game 6 in part because Game 1 starter Dock Ellis had a sore elbow.

  14. 14.  The 1971 World Series is the first one I can remember watching.

    Four of the starting pitchers in that series have passed away: Moose, Dave McNally, Pat Dobson, and Nelson Briles.

    Additionally, other players who played in that series who have passed on are: Roberto Clemente, Bob Miller, Willie Stargell, Mark Belanger, and Elrod Hendricks.

  15. 15.  Not a “nice piece of hitting” by Atkins.

  16. 16.  I always kind of confused Steve Blass, Bob Moose, and Bob Veale. I know one of them “went Ankiel” with his control of the strike zone (I think Blass), one of them wild-pitched in the winning run in a huge game (Veale?).

  17. 17.  Blass is the one who “went Blass”-there is a memorable, really touching, Angell piece about it.

  18. 18.  Rick Ankiel came down with “Steve Blass Syndrome.”

    Moose threw the wild pitch that scored George Foster with the winning run in the 1972 NLCS.

  19. 19.  I would say 2007 is better, actually.

  20. 20.  The 2004 team had better starting pitching, top to bottom. Also, the 2004 team didn’t have the 2004 team as supportive history.

  21. 21.  ManRam should have cached that ball…

  22. 22.  My naive mind thought it would take the Red Sox at least another 70,80 years to win another WS, instead it’s only gonna take 3 years.

  23. 23.  All this discussion of Cook’s blood clots make me think that the wheezing I’m experiencing is a symptom of them.

    Of course, I’ve had asthma all my life and the wheezing has gone on and off for about 36 years.

    But I’m a hypochondriac. Given enough time, I will develop symptoms of Lester’s cancer.

  24. 24.  Well, 2004 fully healthy you might have a point, but 2004 Schilling-Pedro-Lowe vs. 2007 Beckett-Schilling-Dice? I take the latter. I don’t know. It’s a BS question anyway.

  25. 25.  20 That’s true, though. 2004 was more of an exorcism, whereas this team is just kind of a good team wearing the Boston uniform.

  26. 26.  It’s gonna be 20 years for us Dodgers fans next year, that ain’t cool man…

  27. 27.  23 Well, my personal procedure I had gives me some sympathy for Mike Lowell’s medical history.

  28. 28.  22
    The Red Sox have won their fair share of WS. They just aren’t distributed evenly.

    They won in 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, and 1918 before winning in 2004.

    Perhaps a nice distribution like the Braves is best: 1914, 1957, 1995.

  29. 29.  5 Very well written, sir, BTW.

  30. 30.  27
    My father had testicular cancer around the same age as I am now. He made it through fine.

    The pancreatic cancer was what got him. Actually it caused a blood clot in his lungs.

    Which brings me back to Aaron Cook.

  31. 31.  You know, I just realized something-instead of searching for my own link when I wanted to check Baseball Reference, I could have just clicked on Josh’s Baseball Reference link.


  32. 32.  Where did the power go? No home runs since the first batter of game one. I guess they’re really bringing back the Patsy Dougherty/Harry Hooper era in all its facets.

  33. 33.  30 My sympathies.

    I’m just having surgery related discomfort. Thank goodness it’s nothing like that.

  34. 34.  32 Without all the racism.

  35. 35.  The alltime low for home runs total in a World Series is 1.

    The Braves hit the only homer in the 1914 series against the A’s. Hank Gowdy hit in the top of the 10th with the Braves trailing 4-2. They scratched out another run and then won in the 12th.

  36. 36.  I should say the Braves were trailing were 4-2 in the bottom of the 10th.

    It’s hard to be trailing in the top of an extra inning.

  37. 37.  So if this series ties that record Bob, how long until we start hearing the discussion of Worst! World! Series! Ever!!! ?

  38. 38.  The Boston Braves played their 1914 World Series games at Fenway Park. In 1915, the Red Sox played their World Series games at Braves Field (which had just opened) because it was bigger than Fenway.

    The Red Sox played the 1916 World Series at Braves Field also, but in 1918 moved back to Fenway.

  39. 39.  37
    But we’ve had TWO home runs in this series. One by Pedroia and one by Holliday.

    People are already calling this the worst World Series ever. The national baseball media has turned into a collective version of Comic Book Guy.

  40. 40.  I have to say I didn’t expect THIS from Lester.

  41. 41.  Anyone else find Jon Lester’s attitude kind of annoying? You’re 23 boy, and aren’t good enough yet to question the ump. Josh, I hope you win for your sake but I don’t think I like Jon Lester.

  42. 42.  35 : “Hank Gowdy hit in the top of the 10th with the Braves trailing 4-2.”

    Hank Gowdy is the answer to the trivia question on the back of the John Hiller card featured in today’s post. Anybody care to hazard a guess at the question? (Hint: It has to do with Gowdy’s off-the-field doings.)

  43. 43.  42
    I will not answer since I have that card.

  44. 44.  If Julio Lugo is named the WS MVP, a list of mine is getting updated.

  45. 45.  41 See, I don’t agree. And not just because he’s wearing the laundry I’m rooting for.

    If it’s a strike, it’s a strike, whether you’re Curt Schilling on start #400 or Jon Lester on start #4.

    The same thing with the hitters-if it is waist high and crosses the edge of the plate, it’s a strike, no matter how good Tim McCarver says you are.

  46. 46.  I did that once in high school (struck out bunting). Embarassing.

  47. 47.  the best card I got from my collecting days is a Randy Johnson rookie card, I wonder if it’s worth anything or if it will be worth anything in the future, should I buy a frame for it so it won’t get damaged? I think the edges are a little damaged though. I also have a Garry Sheffield rook card with the weird front teeth (chewing tobacco weird, yuk!) but my personal favorite card in my collection is Eric Davis ’87 card.

  48. 48.  42 Who is the only player with the first name of a Hall of Fame outfielder and the last name of a Hall of fame announcer?

  49. 49.  48 Yes, I know there isn’t any such thing as a Hall of Fame announcer.

  50. 50.  The Hank Gowdy question has to do with his service for his country.

  51. 51.  Your will. Our medicines.
    Your money. Our pockets. Our chalet in Vail.
    Our champagne cocktails on the veranda.

  52. 52.  50 Oh, that’s right. I was just being snarky and stupid.

  53. 53.  49
    The annual award given out by the BASKETBALL Hall of Fame to the media is the Curt Gowdy Award.

  54. 54.  I had forgotten he served. Did he lose his life overseas? I can’t recall.

  55. 55.  50

    I cheated & looked it up.

  56. 56.  Hank Gowdy died in 1966.

  57. 57.  Smart piece of hitting by Cook.

  58. 58.  56 Did Gowdy serve in two wars?

  59. 59.  Helluva job by Lester, for sure.

  60. 60.  This ad with all the people helping each other…was it filmed on Earth?

  61. 61.  58 : Ding-ding-ding! Nice job.

    Here’s the question:

    “Which player served in World War I and World War II?”

  62. 62.  54

    he was the first ML’er to join WW1 with the Ohio National Guard. He went on speaking tours for a while detailing his efforts. He also committed a costly error in the ’23 or ’24 fall classic apparently that lead to the Senators winning the series.

  63. 63.  58
    Gowdy was in the Armed Forces in two wars. I don’t know what sort of action he saw in either of them, especially WWII. Gowdy was 52 when that started.

  64. 64.  Does anyone else think this series is looking more and more like some sort of evil hybrid of 2005, 2004…and 1998?

  65. 65.  63 Cool. Williams was too, of course, but the WWI/WWII double play is a lot harder to manage.

  66. 66.  In the 1924 World Series, Gowdy failed to catch a foul pop that would have gotten the Giants out off the bat of Muddy Ruel in the 12th inning of Game 7. He dropped the ball after tripping over his own mask.

    Ruel followed with a double. Then there was an error on shortstop Freddie Lindstrom and Earl McNeely drove in Ruel with the winning run on a bad hop double to left.

  67. 67.  If the Rockies don’t put some kind of a threat together here, I think that’s pretty much it.

  68. 68.  I just came to the conclusion that ManRam annoys me. Just wear a helmet that fits for crying out loud!!

  69. 69.  Aaron Cook is pitching a very gutsy game so far.

  70. 70.  DelCarmen was playing play station in ’04 when the BoSox first won the WS. According to McCarver.

  71. 71.  63 . Baseball Almanac has brief descriptions of his war time exploits. He saw front line action in WWI fighting in the trenches of France. WWII was a vacation by comparison as he served as an officer at Fort Benning, Georgia.


  72. 72.  So is Aaron Cook playing the role of Jason Marquis this year?

  73. 73.  Rockies in 6 is all but a memory now…

  74. 74.  Lowell!!!!

  75. 75.  Hurdle does know you are allowed to change pitchers, right?

  76. 76.  The worst of this is that from now till next WS we’ll have to hear all the sports pundits say that it proves the American League is the better league.

    What it really proves is that eight days off throws off hitters’ timing terribly.

  77. 77.  Judging from Timlins performance last night I don’t think he strikes confidence for Bostonians around the globe….

  78. 78.  76

    According to Bob T. & Mike Carminati its a myth (they wrote about it on there blogs) & I tend to agree with the notion.

  79. 79.  76
    The only thing you can authoritatively say is that the Red Sox were better than the Rockies for four straight games.

    But we love to extrapolate.

  80. 80.  76 . We heard that all of this year with the Cardinals taking it in ’06.

  81. 81.  Hi, I’m just checking in. It may have been covered but Clint Hurdle’s moves or lack thereof are killing this team.

    Lonestar??? Who the frig is that? This middle-America country bs is killing me.

  82. 82.  76 Well, of course a short series doesn’t prove anything.

    But I firmly believe the American League is the better of the two leagues.

    You honestly believe it’s the layoff? Really?

  83. 83.  MVP candidates?


  84. 84.  SI.COM reporting that A-Rod has informed Yankes he is opting out …


  85. 85.  82 Agreed, does anyone think Brad Hawpe would have 29 HRs in the AL? His ABs look like a collection of all the bad Shawn Green ABs.

  86. 86.  81 I know what you mean. Watching television just emphasizes to me how out of touch and clueless I am. No wonder I never understand what anyone says.

  87. 87.  83 Probably Pedroia, but that’s without looking at the numbers.

  88. 88.  83 Pedroia for me.

  89. 89.  Hawpe finally has something to cheer about.

  90. 90.  86 I’m fine being out of touch with most of America when it comes to country (pop) music, reality shows, and NASCAR.

    See I pissed off Hawpe. There you go.

  91. 91.  85
    He’s a reverse Cassandra! He’s an Ardnassac!

  92. 92.  81 Agreed. I seems like Hurdle makes moves, but always at the wrong time, or with the wrong guy.

    It’s depth that makes the difference, I think. It doesn’t matter so much if you have a Jamey Carroll on your team in the NL. You really can’t afford that in the AL.

  93. 93.  You can’t keep giving the WS MVP award to puny infielders, can you?

    If need be, I can post something about David Eckstein on The Griddle and get about five people complaining about him within ten minutes.

  94. 94.  McCarver, as a replay showed Hawpe hitting a fastball below the belt (or belt-high at it’s highest):

    “The Red Sox have been throwing Brad Hawpe high fastballs all series, and Brad finally caught up to one.”

    Does McCarver even watch the games he’s announcing?

  95. 95.  Well, that was off the crappy right-handed middle reliever who probably shouldn’t have been in there. He is still batting under .200 for the series, right?

  96. 96.  93 Hell, I can start complaining now, if you’d like.

  97. 97.  Checking in while grading many, many essays…

    Oh, what the hey, I’ll talk about the essays I’m grading.

    1) My students are no longer allowed to use “you” in their essays.

    2) Ditto with “all” “everything” “everyone knows” “Of course it’s true” and “I agree to a certain extent.”

    3) Every student will know verb agreement by Christmas.

    4) Every student will know the difference between there, their and they’re by Tuesday.

    5) Did I mention I’m banning the word you?

  98. 98.  92 And having Cook bat for himself was inexcusable no matter if he did get a bunt base hit. He then sticks with the guy through the seventh to allow the Lowell HR. I mean their middle relief cannot be as bad as Hurdle seems to think it is, can it?

  99. 99.  Hurdle isn’t managing any differently than he did in the regular season.

    Which could be his problem. Like the 2001 DBacks, the Rockies made it to the World Series in spite of their manager not because of their manager.

  100. 100.  Thanks, Manny Del-cave-in.

  101. 101.  97
    So your saying that they’re is no there their?

    Everybody knows that.

  102. 102.  97 I thought as long as students could make their X their HS career was set. Or are we talking college?

  103. 103.  100 Just curious because I enjoy your work. What did you think of 5 ? I don’t know if I was overwriting or what but that picture of Hiller really brought out the writer in me.

    Believe me, I’m better at grading papers and developing students than doing the actual writing. So I’ve been told…

  104. 104.  99 Wow, and I thought Charlie “I Need a Friggin'” Manuel was bad.

  105. 105.  That is the most ridiculous bullpen I have seen since Craig Swan grew lettuce in the Mets one in the early ’80s.

  106. 106.  101 Ha ha. It is to laugh. 🙂

    102 It’s high school. I’m at a school that is intensely standards based. Basically, my students who can write at the freshman college level are getting A’s and B’s. If they will likely be able to write at the college level, they will get a “C”. Anything lower is D and F.

    I’m shortcutting it but that’s basically what I do.

  107. 107.  Does Tulowitzki look like the same player as in the first two rounds? Again it might be an indication of the talent gap between leagues or just a bad series, but he has looked awful.

  108. 108.  103 : Yeah, it was great! I was going to reply with a comment that had at least a fraction of some thought in it but my thoughts are a little scattered tonight, so I let it slide and just continued pacing around my living room.

  109. 109.  Great commercial: Am Idol does epitomize everything great in baseball.

  110. 110.  Brian “ball-meets-bat” Fuentes.

  111. 111.  Why is Hurdle going back to Fuentes after last night? Does this man even watch the games? reminds me of Jim Fregosi’s devotion to a worn-out Mitch Williams in 1993.

  112. 112.  Alex Rodriguez will opt out.


  113. 113.  Boy, Steinbrenner’s sons really screwed up, huh? A-Rod, Rivera, etc. will leave en masse.

  114. 114.  Wow, yeah let’s talk allllll about ARod, like we will during the whole long awful offseason, before the game is even over. Yep. Thank you Rosenthal.

  115. 115.  It galls me that the telecast is all A-Rod right now. Isn’t there a game going on?

  116. 116.  97
    What grade, if you please?
    -I’m still trying to get my 14-yr.-old to that writing level (girls on the brain I suppose)

  117. 117.  Why can’t the Sox keep Lowell and put A-Rod back at his natural position, SS? Julio Lugo can go back to beating his wife.

  118. 118.  111
    Brian Fuentes is the “8th Inning Reliever” and since it’s the 8th inning, Fuentes must pitch.

    It’s obvious!

  119. 119.  118 Yeah, it’s just unbeleivable that that is the depth of the decision-making for a major-league manager.

    OK, they have shut up about A-Rod now.

  120. 120.  Does Buck think it’s a double-switch because Crisp is coming in for the Sox and Carpas for the Rockies?

  121. 121.  Jamey Carroll replaced Matsui.

  122. 122.  97
    Ah,well, never mind.

  123. 123.  If Gagne comes in, no matter what happens, Red Sox Nation will never forgive Francona

  124. 124.  Ortiz and Ramirez are both out. I guess the Sox don’t want to Bill Buckner around out three.

  125. 125.  Have I not been paying attention or has Fox opted to not run ads for just one show over and over and over during this postseason?

    There’s been nothing like “Frank TV” ads or the previous campaigns to promote the debuts of “House” or “Skin.”

    Just the Taco Bell shilling.

  126. 126.  Gagne is up? How democratic of them.

  127. 127.  125 And the commercial wher the jogger runs into the car. I think Fox does, however, have their act together better than TBS.

  128. 128.  127
    Fox has the advantage of having more stuff to promote than TBS.

  129. 129.  So how many runs does Corpas give up in the 9th now?

  130. 130.  He has to give up five for this to be the most lopsided Ws of all time.

  131. 131.  Buck just pointed out that Kielty’s HR is the difference right now. It might be a bit facile, but it points out why Cook should have been gone before he allowed that HR.

  132. 132.  That Hawpe ball was not “well hit” as Buck said. It was off the end of the bat, but it was his second best AB in the WS. That 0-1 ball, a 95 MPH fastball that Hawpe just couldn’t catch up with was emblematic of his series.

  133. 133.  Hurdle pulled a double-switch to move a batter (Carroll) up one spot?!? Man!

  134. 135.  122 My apologies… I’ve been off-line for the last hour or so. I teach 12th grade and a 9th grade reading intervention program.

  135. 136.  Hey, we haven’t heard sergeant/major tonight have we? I mean, thank heavens for small favors, right?

  136. 137.  136 They’d rather spend four or five innings talking about A-Rod.

  137. 138.  The Rockies aren’t rallying here unless Vic Davalillo pinch hits and lays down a drag bunt.

  138. 139.  IIRC, Boston started their comeback against the Yankees in ’04 by winning over Rivera in game 4.

    I’m just sayin…

  139. 140.  IIRC, the Red Sox got off the mat in ’04 against the Yankees but beating Rivera in game 4.

    I’m just sayin…

  140. 141.  Aw, sheesh! Double post!! Now it’s really over.

  141. 142.  Of course, Carroll wil come to the plate. Hurdle is barely awake.

  142. 143.  Somehow seeing J.D. Drew smiling might be worth all of this nonsense.

  143. 144.  Why is Carrol batting?

    Never mind…

  144. 145.  Hurdle is PH-ing for Corpas? How forward thinking!

  145. 146.  Story of the series right there.

  146. 147.  Greg Luzinski would not have caught that.

  147. 148.  I would have liked to see Manny try to catch that. Drats.

  148. 149.  As opposed to closers who throw breaking balls that are not strikes.

    Manny would not have caught that ball, probably.

  149. 150.  147 So true.

  150. 151.  I would rather lose in seven than be swept.

    I would rather lose in six or five than get swept.

  151. 152.  Makes Tito look like a genius.

  152. 153.  It’s time for “Fox goes to seventeen up-close cutaways between pitches…”

  153. 154.  Donnie Moore time

  154. 155.  Signed, sealed, delivered.

  155. 156.  Signed, sealed, delivered.

  156. 157.  Donnie Moore time???


  157. 158.  Well, that was a bummer of a series, but congrats to the Red Sox and especially Josh.

  158. 159.  Baseball has a a lot to answer for here. All but two series ended in sweeps. The ratings were down at least before the WS. A lot of off days.

    Will they finally go to a 7-G first round?

  159. 160.  Time again to sing:


    Congrats to the Red Sox!

  160. 161.  Cheers to a gracious host who has to be smiling inside and out right now.

    Congratulations, Josh. Thanks for sharing your space. And, well, yeah… congratulations Red Sox.

  161. 162.  Congrats Josh, you deserve it. At least we won’t have to watch any more cutaways of John Henry’s WASP face.

  162. 163.  Good night, all. Until next season… hell, we’ll be talking baseball long before then, right?

    Damn straight. Sleep well.

  163. 164.  If I had to choose between getting a guaranteed win on the road or taking a chance to win at home, I would take the guaranteed win on the road.

  164. 165.  life is good

    much thanks everyone, it’s been a lot of fun

    Papelbon for series MVP

  165. 166.  I miss the days of the inside locker room celebrations.

  166. 167.  ESPN is happy that after tonight and the obligatory showing of the parade in Boston, they can start reporting on the Yankees new manager and where will A-Rod end up.

  167. 168.  That’s a very elaborate Papelbon poster in the stands, with moving parts and everything!

  168. 169.  Who won? That’s the question from Northern CA listeners to Jon Miller and Joe Morgan on KNBR 1050, “the sports leader.” The money grubbing KNBR management pulled the plug on the broadcast at 9pm to air a series of ads during the entire bottom of the ninth inning. Does MLB license broadcasts of partial games?

  169. 170.  169 Red Sox, 4-3.

    Just didn’t want to leave you dangling in case those commercials are still running. 🙂

  170. 171.  Congrats Josh!!

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