Bob Apodaca/Red Sox-Rockies Game 3 Chat

October 27, 2007
(Note: The ongoing story The Yazmobile will resume at Cardboard Gods on Monday.)

In his injury-shortened career as a Mets reliever, Bob Apodaca faced Biff Pocoroba three times. He got him to ground out, then intentionally walked him, then got him to line out. The Mets lost all three games. I don’t know what became of Biff Pocoroba after that, but this past Thursday night Bob Apodaca contributed to the continuing disenchantment of the world I marveled at as a child. All my life I have wondered about what is said during pitching mound conferences, but on Thursday my curiosity on the subject shriveled and died, thanks to a running patter of numbingly banal self-help-guru exhortations by Colorado Rockies’ pitching coach Bob Apodaca, who had been miked up for the game by Fox, part of the seemingly unstoppable trend on the part of networks toward bringing the TV viewer ever deeper “inside the game.” Besides the miking of players, coaches, umps and, soon, team owners, mascots, scouts, groundskeepers, and the toilet where Big Papi takes his ceremonial pregame dump, these “inside the game” ploys include among many other annoyances the sound-and-fury-signifying-nothing use of current players as analysts (e.g., Eric Byrnes), the loathsome, game-action obstructing in-game dugout managerial interview, and the on-scene misinformational stylings of rictus-grin Ken “The Rockies beat the Cubs in Round 1” Rosenthal. None of it pulls me further into the game. Luckily the game can’t be so easily autopsied by the brutish invisible corporate hands at the controls. Its beauty and joy and drama survive. Still, sometimes I wish I could return to a time when I didn’t know that meetings at the mound between pitching coaches and beleagured, unraveling pitchers resembled a one-on-one pep talk between a sales manager and an underperforming salesman in a conference room on the second floor of a nondescript building out by the Ikea and the Chilis on Route 73. The truth is I was never farther inside the game than when I had to imagine almost everything about it, when all I had were these cards and a few stats and an occasional soberly announced game on TV. And names. I had names. Sometimes they worked on me like a magic spell. I went inside the game saying Bob Apodaca . . . Biff Pocoroba. Bob Apodaca . . . Biff Pocoroba. Bob Apodaca . . . Biff Pocoroba.

Anyway, lineups for tonight’s game (FOX, 6:35 MT):

Red Sox
J. Ellsbury, cf
D. Pedroia, 2b
D. Ortiz, 1b
M. Ramirez, lf
M. Lowell, 3b
J.D. Drew, rf
J. Varitek, c
J. Lugo, ss
D. Matsuzaka, p

K. Matsui, 2b
T. Tulowitzki, ss
M. Holliday, lf
T. Helton, 1b
G. Atkins, 3b
B. Hawpe, rf
Y. Torrealba, c
C. Sullivan, cf
J. Fogg, p


  1. 1.  Willy Taveras, we hardly knew ye.

  2. 2.  I felt the same way about those conversations–and I think there’s a chance Jimenez wasn’t getting much out of them, either, since he barely looked at Apodaca.

    Their final conversation, in the dugout, made me think of a youth minister pushing a remarkably unconvincing line on a teen–like some argument about why the Bible gave him an impregnable defense against his desire to have sex with his girlfriend.

  3. 3.  Nice read Josh. I agree, all I can think of when Apodaca was talking to Ubaldo Jimenez was that he sounded just like my little league coaches.

  4. 4.  Josh, I’ve been wondering, how does Manny Ramirez fair in roomy Comerica Park, does he look o.k. or is there room for improvement?

  5. 5.  Oregon State World Series, 2006, MLB World Series 2007 – Jacob Ellsbury, OSU/Red Sox. Kind of cool.

  6. 6.  4 : That’s a good question. I don’t remember his defense in Comerica ever being an issue, but I may be suffering from selective memory.

  7. 7.  Manny Ramirez started just one game in left field when the Red Sox were in Detroit. He was the DH one game and pinch hit in the other.

    He did play 13 innings in the game.

  8. 8.  I really hope the Rocks at least make this a fun series, but with Josh Fogg pitching today I don’t know, but it’s not like Dice-K is lights out either, veremos.

  9. 9.  Great screed, Josh. I thought I was the only one who felt that way.

  10. 10.  It hurts seeing Lugo introduced as if he is some sort of star. Right.

  11. 11.  I just felt worm & fuzzy watching Kerry Underwood.

  12. 12.  8 The Rockies will at least make a game of it. No Becket, and no Youkilis, good for them. Plus, Mile High’s a lot different from Fenway.

  13. 13.  When the White Sox made the infamous trade for Todd Ritchie, the Pirates received in return Kip Wells, Sean Lowe, and some guy named Josh Fogg. I was most upset when the deal happened, as I loved Fogg’s competitiveness. While the trade was a complete bust for the South Siders, it was never the all-timer it was portrayed, as Wells started well for the Buccos, but has went off the rails since the age of 27.

    Fogg’s comps are guys like Rodrigo Lopez and Bret Tomko, so keep in mind that his great post-season so far has been a nice 2 game run. I root for guys like Fogg, but I don’t see him being the Dragon Slayer that Mark Grace dubs him.

  14. 14.  [11} Never seen Underwood performing before… She did a nice job on the anthem, and she looked pretty decent singing it.

  15. 15.  12
    A game at Mile High Stadium would have a much bigger crowd.

    Provided the place was still standing.

  16. 16.  I always thought it was a foul ball, if the ball bounced behind the plate.

  17. 17.  16
    Not unless the ball touches a player or umpire or other fixed object behind the plate.

  18. 18.  Crappy start. Red Sox can barely make contact and they’ve got two on with no outs.

  19. 19.  N.B-Mr. Fogg? That fastball two feet outside? That’s a ball, see. Manny isn’t going to swing at that. Ever.

  20. 20.  I wonder if Dice-K will get that genres strike zone.

  21. 21.  If Drew’s “stuff matched his heart,” he’d be a quadriplegic.

  22. 22.  Hurdle finally moved Tulowitzi to #2

  23. 23.  Kaz Matsui finally decided to show up with that hit.

  24. 24.  Now, it would be at least interesting (if not informative) to know how Dice K batted, career wise, in Japan. I wonder if they’ll bother to tell us.

  25. 25.  21 🙂

  26. 26.  has a ball ever hit ManRam on the coconut?

  27. 27.  Risking the political can of worms here but did anybody else catch the open? Bush throws a strike during the 2001 pregame and the fan watching says, “How about that? Great job!”

    It’s a Fox thing.

  28. 28.  Matsuzaka was 4 for 19 in Japan with a double and a homer.

  29. 29.  Another great essay, Josh.

    Apodaca and Pocoroba remind me of my mom’s all time favorite ballplayer, Pete Incaviglia. Not for anything he did, just for the way his name sounded.

  30. 30.  24

    I’m thinking he’s gonna look as awkward as Aaron Sele looked when he was a Dodger.

  31. 31.  That was very well executed.

  32. 32.  24 http://www.japanesebaseball.com/players/player.jsp?PlayerID=1104

  33. 33.  Ahh, Japanese players getting caught in rundowns.

    If you go to a game in Japan, you’re guaranteed one of those per game.

  34. 34.  That was Matsui from his Mets days right there.

  35. 35.  Timmermann beat me by only four posts? Usually, it’s at least double figures. I must be getting better at this research thing…

  36. 36.  32

    are you watching Californication Suffering Bruin? I’ve kind of soured on the last 2 epsides, but I still like the show.

  37. 37.  Hey a Taco Bell commercial BETWEEN innings, how quaint!

  38. 38.  28

    BTW, thank you for the information, Bob.

    Does anybody know a really good reason why pitchers don’t hit well? Is there any real barrier to maybe hiring another hitting coach and getting them up to .250? Wouldn’t that get you 10 runs a year?

  39. 39.  Good thinkin, big guy. He can’t throw a strike to save his life, and you swing on the first pitch.

  40. 40.  Josh Fogg has that, I just smoked weed look on his gameday.

  41. 41.  38

    I think ONE of the reasons is because managers don’t want PITCHERS getting hurt taking batting practice, I know Grady Little is like that.

  42. 42.  Could McCarver possibly be more annoying? This Sergeant-Major shit is excruciating.

  43. 43.  41 I’ve heard that, but how likely do you suppose that really is? I mean, how many hitters get hurt in BP?

    It’s probably one of those things, like closer by committee or Bill James’ 3-3-3 plan, that might work, but nobody will ever try it because the first guy who does will get crucified by the media the first time it seems to struggle.

  44. 44.  Dice-K definitely looked like a pitcher on that swing.

  45. 45.  32 We don’t get the pay stations here in the SB household… just your basic TiVo.

    38 I would guess it’s because they use the DH in the minor leagues. It wasn’t always thus.

    But, y’know, you’ll want to ask Bob.

  46. 46.  That was Nuke LaLoosh special

  47. 47.  43

    I know Jon Wiseman had a fixation with good hitting pitchers in the past (one of his very early writings discussed Darren Dreifort & his good hitting, if I remember correctly) But I really think it has to do with LACK OF PRACTICE from the pitchers, I really do. I’ve heard of many pitchers being great hitters in high school or college but then get really rusty in the ML I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

  48. 48.  Well, he got back on that one pretty well.

  49. 49.  The humidore is FIFO not LIFO.

  50. 50.  I keep thinking those humidor balls are slightly wet, but I could be wrong.

  51. 51.  47 Darren Dreifort was a pitcher?

  52. 52.  47 Logan White (yes, that Logan White) told me years ago when he was in the minor league’s that he wouldn’t know what to do if he had to bat because the minors used the DH.

  53. 53.  47 I agree. And it seems fixable to me. Look at Maddux, who has pitched for 600 years, and hits pretty well. It seems like all it takes is a willingness to try. Why give away 4 of your 27 outs? It’s not like we are keeping pitchers super healthy doing what we’re doing now. Maybe extra BP would prevent some muscle pulls from unfamiliarity.

  54. 54.  Hideo “The Tornado” Nomo was a pretty good hitting pitcher, I remember him getting some key hits & dingers when he was a Dodger.

  55. 55.  54 I always enjoyed watching him pitch with Boston. His motion was pleasing.

  56. 56.  52

    I didn’t know that. That’s another reason. The BoSox strike first, sigh

  57. 57.  56 But again, that’s fixable, too. I am pretty sure I read somewhere that only two professional leagues don’t use the DH-the Central League and the National League.

    I would really love it if we could just fix the DH/no DH question once and for all. But you know they won’t.

  58. 58.  I hope Clint Hurdle has a small leash of Mr. Fogg…

  59. 59.  So Josh Fogg turns out to be Josh Fogg after all, huh?

  60. 60.  Is anyone at least up in the pen?

  61. 61.  Morales just got up.

  62. 62.  58 I think he has to, don’t you? This is one of the must winniest of must wins.

  63. 63.  bad throw by Holliday but nice recovery from Yorvit.

  64. 64.  Finally! Something to cheer about.

  65. 65.  I think he was out but McCarver thinks he was safe.

  66. 66.  65 High-definition TV agrees with Tim McCarver.

  67. 67.  He was tagged out but all hail Manny for his terrific slide. A great play by that Rockies catcher but if you don’t mind, we’re talking Manny here.


    Jack and Tim.

  68. 68.  No, if he touched him on the hip, he makes the out call right away. He clearly didn’t think he tagged him on the hip.

    He missed the call, but I don’t think it is going to make any difference.

  69. 69.  KAIBATSU!

  70. 70.  66 … until Tim McCarver reverses himself. High-definition TV is miffed that McCarver doesn’t have its back.

  71. 71.  Josh Fogg just gave up a hit to an AMERICAN LEAGUE pitcher! I’m sure his teammates won’t let him hear the end of it.

  72. 72.  Horrific pitch by Fogg. A 78 mph change that laid up like it was hit on a tee. Whoever called for that pitch should be fined. All he was trying to do was make contact and he could only do it on that pitiful pitch.

  73. 73.  Gee, my earlier question seems prescient now, doesn’t it?

  74. 74.  Which comes first, Hurdle pulls Fogg or Hurdle is fired?

  75. 75.  Colorados ship is sinking rather quickly!

    why doesn’t Hurdle go to his bullepn. He just did good…

  76. 76.  72

    I agree Suffering Bruin, what a horrible pitch to call (if Yorvit called it)

  77. 77.  Hurdle made Grady Little’s Pedro Martinez move seem speedy.

  78. 78.  74 I’ve thought he’s had a rather slow hook so far, but you’re right, he’s missing, then coming in with fat pitches that are getting hit.

  79. 79.  74 : Is Hurdle maligned as a manager? I really don’t know much about him as a manager except that his hat moves up and down violently as he chews his giant cud of gum.

  80. 80.  the Rockies look like the Rockies of old right now…

  81. 81.  79 He is the all-time leader in managerial wins among managers named Clint.

  82. 82.  OOH, he had the pitcher leading off the next inning. That might explain why he was hanging in-hoping someone would pop out so he wouldn’t have to burn a pinch hitter. You figure he has to let Morales bat now.

  83. 83.  77 He should rightly be roasted for the last two runs. Ellsbury is left-handed, he’s got a left-hander read in the pen… and he leaves in Fogg, who gives up a hit so now, yeah, bring in the lefty to face… a right-hander who hits it hard for the third out.

    Not a good inning for Hurdle, not by any means.

  84. 84.  82 I’ve made that mistake on the tabletop, for sure-you hope the starter can just get one more guy so you can pinch hit to start the next inning. And he doesn’t.

  85. 85.  How much does Hurdle have on the Sox? He sits on his worst starter who is pitching BP. He leaves him in after a crtical hit to the pitcher for the first in probably his professional career. Then he brings in the guy who got slaughtered in G1.

    He makes Danny Ozark seem erudite.

  86. 86.  AND no double-switch or PH?!?!?!?!?!

  87. 87.  83 I think it was the batting situation. The Ellsbury hit forced his hand, but I think he was just hoping Fogg could get him so he could pinch hit to start the bottom half.

  88. 88.  Sufferin Bruin did you play minor league ball or how did you get to chat with Logan White!?!?!

  89. 89.  Jeez, what’s with the shamisen music when talking about Japanese players…

  90. 90.  [86} What the…??

    I have a feeling a rant is in Clint Hurdle’s future.

  91. 91.  88 I was a sportscaster in Silver City, New Mexico. It’s where I started my career (I ended it in 1992). Silver City is the home of Western New Mexico University where one of their very best pitchers was Logan White. I got to talk to him a little on a road trip to Phoenix.

  92. 92.  Hurdle really should have had a quick hook on a guy like Josh Fogg.

  93. 93.  That fan in the penguin suit could out-manage Hurdle.

  94. 94.  87 Makes sense but why did Morales hit? I really don’t get it unless his bullpen is depleted.

  95. 95.  86 It does seem like the perfect time for a double switch, though. Maybe he doesn’t want to lose a starter this early, but you have to do SOMETHING. Isn’t this what you have a bench coach for, to think about this stuff?

  96. 96.  91

    oh, man, that’s cool. why did you end your sportscaster career?

  97. 97.  I wonder how many teams do well with an eight-day layoff? I would think that would throw off the timing of any team. Mind you, I’m rooting for the Rockies so I’m searching for any excuse I can find.

  98. 98.  Making it very easy to switch over to the Cal game in 8 minutes…

  99. 99.  I’m surprised Hurdles hat doesn’t split in 2 when all that chewing.

  100. 100.  96 I preferred being married. 🙂

    To be honest, I wasn’t that good or that motivated, plus the wife’s teaching career was much further along than my sportscasting career. I’m currently teaching high school english and I’m very happy.

  101. 101.  95 He has 2 CF better than Sullivan on the bench, and he’s batting 8th.

  102. 102.  99 And his hat bops up and down because his head is empty

  103. 103.  97

    That’s what I was thinking also but Bob T. did a little research & found out it really doesn’t make that much of a difference (on the Griddle)

  104. 104.  UCLA is about to lose to Washington St. and that is pickle on the crap sandwich that is my sports viewing day.

    Unless this game changes…

  105. 105.  104 It’ll change, the Sox have at least five more innings at bat.

  106. 106.  105 🙂 Nice one.

  107. 107.  94 Well, you only have, what…5? 6 guys available? Of whom you really trust 3? I can understand not burning one for one out. If you’re Hurdle, you have to hope Morales gets you into the fifth, and you can crack Dice K by then. Plus you have to play tomorrow.

    I don’t have the lineup right at hand, but it seems a double switch was called for when you went to Morales. And your bench coach should have been ready.

  108. 108.  I really really really hope Ned Colletti DOSE NOT sign Mike Lowell, I’d kind of destined Ned Colletti if he signed him. Mike Lowell & the Green moster were just meant to be.

  109. 109.  107 Please see 101

  110. 110.  107 It’s the lack of a double-switch that really bugs.

  111. 111.  Mark T.R. Donohue is probably muttering at the stadium right about now (& cursing Clint Hurdle) the papers will probably drill Hurdle tomorrow one would think.

  112. 112.  103 I was thinking that I had read somewhere that the layoff wasn’t as unprecedented as they were making it sound.

  113. 113.  109 110 I saw it after I finished typing, thanks.

  114. 114.  112 http://mikesrants.baseballtoaster.com/archives/846938.html

  115. 115.  Todd’s doing a decent Youkilis impression.

  116. 116.  109 110 That fact (the other CF) really makes the lack of a double switch inexcusable. You simply have to be thinking ahead. Even if Hurdle decided at the moment of the Ellsbury hit, “I gotta go get this guy now,” his next thought has to be, “but the pitcher’s spot is coming up next inning, so who do I want to double switch with him so I don’t burn an out also?”

  117. 117.  Drinking game time.

    You take shot every time Fox goes to at least six cutaways between pitches.

    If four of the cutaways are close ups of a players nostrils, take two shots.

  118. 118.  If the Red Sox outscore the Rockies by one run the rest of this game and they are on track for the most lopsided WS of all time.

  119. 119.  114 I stand corrected.

  120. 120.  Plate ump is ready to go home. That 3-2 was outside.

  121. 121.  It’s only the 4th inning the Rocks can chip away still…

  122. 122.  114 But doesn’t that excuse fade away after game 1?

    My wife asked me why game 1 was so out of control, while game 2 was so close, and I tried to point out that it was really just one bad inning that did them in, and the rest of the game was fairly competitive.

  123. 123.  This is sad, folks. Just sad…

  124. 124.  117

    your gonna be pretty hammered SB!@

  125. 125.  119 Actually, the 1910 A’s had an 11-day layoff even though the resular-season ended four days later. I’m not sure if they had rainouts or hadn’t prefected scheduling yet. But I should update my post.

  126. 126.  J.D. Booooooooooo! Sorry, that’s all I have left.

  127. 127.  So which would be a funnier final score, 19-8 Red Sox (which would start all sorts of nervousness) or…20-04?

  128. 128.  117 : How about a drinking game based on spitting? Every time somebody spits, drink.

    Other stray thoughts:

    Why is Okajima fondling a softball in the bullpen?

    (My wife was wondering) Why does Pedroia wear gloves on both hands at bat with two more in his back pocket (and then no gloves while running the bases)?

    McCarver is not quitting on the sergeatn major business.

  129. 129.  127 JD Drew will get a World Series ring. Julio Lugo will get a World Series ring. For Dodger fans, this is like having an ulcer and being jalapenos.

    Good for Gagne, though.

  130. 130.  Please stop with the Sargeant Major crap. It’s embarassing.

  131. 131.  127 : “So which would be a funnier final score, 19-8 Red Sox (which would start all sorts of nervousness)”

    No it wouldn’t. That particular dead horse was been turned into glue and then sniffed long ago.

  132. 132.  127 And then Willy Taveras stealing second in the bottom of the ninth to ignite a game tying rally off of Papelbon?

    No thanks. I’ll take my sweep and go home, thank you.

  133. 133.  129 was meant for 126 .

  134. 134.  125 You’ve got a point, though, there is NO BLOODY reason why we couldn’t have started the Series a couple of days after the end of the ALCS.

    Just some idiot marketer trying to make the World Series into the Super Bowl.

  135. 135.  What % of baseball writers will vote Biggio in. I assume he’ll be first ballot. Hey, McCarver and Buck aren’t sure if he is a HoFer. Can they be shot?

  136. 136.  I’m sorry, did I just hear that Biggio for the Hall of Fame is “arguable?”

  137. 137.  134 I think they wanted to make sure they got two ballgames in over the weekend in case of a sweep.

  138. 138.  There’s a brave stance-Craig Biggio for the Hall of Fame. Way to take a stand on the stuff that matters.

    You think Clemens is going to get in, too? Birdbrains.

  139. 139.  136 Yeah, they are morons. They would put the SGT-Major in, however.

  140. 140.  135 I think it will be something like 85%, because there is a population of people who say well, if Willie Mays can’t get 100%, then nobody can.

  141. 141.  139 Yeah, but you have to understand, though-he’s gritty.

    I love Tek, but I know enough to know that he gets into the Hall of Fame by buying a ticket.

  142. 142.  140 Could anyone not vote for Clemens, say. If I remember correctly Ryan has the highest percentage. If they are that idiotic…

  143. 143.  To the Coloradans’ credit, they are still making noise, though.

  144. 144.  141 Sorry, that was a sideswipe at the SGT-Major crap more than on Varitek.

  145. 145.  142 Oh, they are easily that idiotic.

    You just KNOW somebody is going to leave him off.

    That person’s ballot should be taken away, seriously.

  146. 146.  145 Do you think a Boston writen will do it out of spite?

  147. 147.  Ken Rosenthal thinks Biggio should be in the Hall because he played a lot of positions. Sterling analysis!

  148. 148.  144 Oh, no, I get your point. I’m just saying that I can tell the difference between “a guy I loved to root for who played well and for a long time” and “without question, one of the greatest to have ever played”

  149. 149.  147 Rosenthal still thinks the Rockies played the Cubs in round one.

  150. 150.  I think that when Clemens is eligible, whether he will be a first-ballot HOFer will be issue number one leading up to the vote. There is but no question that ESPN will lead with “will he be the first unanimous selection?” and that should be enough to make it so.

  151. 151.  Why is Sullivan still in there. Where is Spillborghs?

  152. 152.  Denver-ites can’t be to pleased with the unfoldings…

  153. 153.  Drew lolligags around the infield. He lolligags around the outfield. Do you know what that makes him?

  154. 154.  146 Honestly, no. There wasn’t a lot of antagonism, really, in my experience. And Clemens, like Williams, is so damn good that it has to overcome personal stuff.

    Although I know some Boston writers did leave Ted off.

    I think the personal stuff would come up with a Rice or a Schilling-that type of borderline case. If Schilling had Clemens’ numbers, I have no doubt Shaughnessy would still leave him off.

  155. 155.  152 Did you ever see the Taxi with the Delawarians debating the Delawarites?

  156. 156.  147

    Ken Rosenthal gets chuckle points from me just cause of his weird/goofy smile.

  157. 157.  156 I miss TBS guy Sager with the goofy suits.

  158. 158.  A good play by Lugo. The apocolypse cannot be far behind.

    And Yorvit? Watch your coach and run, ‘kay?

  159. 159.  Although I did hear Shaughnessy on Globe 10.0 admit that he was wrong about Pedroia. Mighty big of him.

    Now, here’s a question-suppose Clemens’ name is connected with HGH or mentioned in the Mitchell report? Then what happens?

  160. 160.  Ohio St. dancing all over Penn State.

  161. 161.  Should I have heard of the girl in the World Mastercard ad?

  162. 162.  aside from the hot body the broad posses the new Chevy Malibu commercial is pretty lame…

  163. 163.  159 That witchhunt could 86 a lot of careers. Could this be the same Tulowitski? Popping up 2-0?

  164. 164.  159 It won’t be good. Depending on the severity of the use of HGH and how long he was using, the story will change from “will he be unanimous” to “will he even get in?”

  165. 165.  160 As long as they are not beating them.

  166. 166.  160 My wife saw JoePa on TV in a restaurant, and not only was she surprised he was coaching, she thought he had died about a decade ago.

  167. 167.  159

    There’s a bunch of guys who did “greenies” & nobody seems to care, I really think Clemens is a no brainer for the Hall. Like wise with Biggio.

  168. 168.  167 Good thin most of the writers qualify for the no-brainer voting.

  169. 169.  165 I come from a Michigan family, but I ain’t saying a darn thing. That opening game loss is awful hard to live down.

  170. 170.  “just stating the obvious” McCarver says, Dude you get paid millions & THAT’S ALL YOU DO! sigh!

  171. 171.  167 By any sensible standard, yes on both counts. The question is, can we count on the voters to be sensible?

  172. 172.  Dave Magadan has not aged a day.

  173. 173.  172 He could still go out there and stink up the field.

  174. 174.  I have to hand it to those Rockie fans. They are still into this lousy game.

  175. 175.  But he’d look damn good doing it. I’m just sayin…

    I’m off to get pizza. Back soon…

  176. 176.  172

    Theres some aged leather under the eyes in my opinion.

  177. 177.  173


  178. 178.  Dave Magadan had a weird swing & he seemed to hit with a very small bat or was he just really tall? I had that feeling with Dave Parker.

  179. 179.  Parker was big (about 6’4″ 6’5″) and played in an era with generally smaller bats though I don’t know what he used of the top of my head.

  180. 180.  176 He could have used some of that leather when he was playing.

  181. 181.  179

    what ever it was it looked like a tooth pick.

  182. 182.  Hey, Jerry Seinfeld has new movie? Named Bee movie? Wow…..

    Does anyone on the planet not know about that frickin’ thing yet?

  183. 183.  178

    I take that back he didn’t have a weird swing he just kind of looked weird (to me) when he swung.

  184. 184.  the Rockies are finally on the board, yes!!

  185. 185.  Judging from Baseball-Reference.com Magadan had Youkilis like OPS+ #’S.

  186. 186.  Mark T.R. Donohue is probably high fiving a fellow Denver-ite right about now.

  187. 187.  185 He was way overhyped, however. Like 90% of the Mets prospects since Dan Norman.

  188. 188.  Spillborghs finally gets in there.

  189. 189.  Missed it by that much.

  190. 190.  Timlin is freaking lucky…

  191. 191.  2nd good play by Lugo. I guess the Rockies aren’t the team of destiny.

  192. 192.  although they were a couple of inches away from being 5-6, oh well.

  193. 193.  I wish Phil Bailey would have weaved a little bit of “She’s an Easy Lover”, during God Bless America.

  194. 194.  A bit late….159 …haven’t you read about the efforts to reclaim Paul Byrd’s CY Young awards??

  195. 195.  Didn’t Phillip Bailey also sing a Susudio with Phil Collins or some other such drek?

  196. 196.  194 Byrd could barely get the ball near the plate when he left the Phils. Odd.

    193 Easy Lover, that’s it.

  197. 197.  No, Easy Lover was their lone debut that I can recall. His work with EWF was amazing. One of the 5 best soul/funk bands of all-time.

  198. 198.  197 They were once, twice, three times a band.

  199. 199.  I thought it was a she when I first saw the guy singing.

  200. 200.  199 I thought Serena Williams’ torso was David Ortiz’s in the AmEx commercial until I saw the tennis mention.

  201. 201.  This time Matsui goes back to second.

  202. 202.  the Rockies with that don’t die attitude, I dig it.

  203. 203.  The Commodores did 3 Times a Lady.

  204. 204.  OOps, I was more a P-Funk/Sly Stone aficionado.

  205. 205.  Okajima’s never batted in the majors.

  206. 206.  We have a BALLGAME!!

  207. 207.  YES, YES, YES, EYES!!

  208. 208.  Are there deer wandering the Rockies’ visitor’s pen. Holy! 6-5! Wow!

  209. 209.  Now we got a game.

  210. 210.  Okajima is not invincible. Finally.

  211. 211.  If not for bad luck and Hurdle’s early game follies, the Rockies are winning.

  212. 212.  MAN, I really wanted the other rockie hitter to hit it out also, oh well (it would have been 8-6 now) but it’s only a one run game now!!

  213. 213.  And Tito pulled some of offensive stars.

  214. 214.  The Rockies are not ready to take a Holliday just yet! Crushed. Glad to see they’re, as the famous Monty Python and the Holy Grail sketch goes, “Not dead! I feel happy, I feel…” {clang}

  215. 215.  How big will that Manny call be when as is said and done?

  216. 216.  Stupid Hurdle I swear….

  217. 217.  ALERT! Rockies announce at all remaining home games that during the 7th inning stretch, Phillip Bailey will sing “God Bless America”, Serpentine Fire, or whatever else the hell he wants to.

  218. 218.  So I missed the first part of the game – what did Hurdle do, or not do? Just reminding people how much better the Rockies are than their manager?

  219. 219.  Okijima’s head wiggle isn’t so deadly tonight.

  220. 220.  218 Scroll up. He stuck with Fogg way too long to start with.

  221. 221.  218 There was a fairly obvious double switch that needed to be made and he didn’t make it. Additionally, he left Fogg in one batter more than he needed to but the double-switch was really lit the board up.

  222. 222.  This game isn’t helping my bad nail biting habit, but WOO HOO!

  223. 223.  218

    Hurdle had a long leash on Fogg.

  224. 224.  If the Rockies are rallying, we damn well better talk about Okajima and Papelbon…

  225. 225.  Ah, thanks. Sounds like typical Hurdlian move. Glad they’re rallying despite that – or to spite that.

  226. 226.  Hawpe can finally redeem himself…

  227. 227.  I’m watching a pretty damn good game with three Toaster writers: Mike, Josh and Scott.

    People still have the nerve to ask why I spend time on internet baseball sites.

  228. 228.  I’m a writer with a pretty damned good toaster. Doesn’t that count for something?

  229. 229.  Hawpe swings eternal.

  230. 230.  226 Or not. Nice call Timmay on sending Helton. That would have been the inning. I’m not sending Helton with Hawpe batting the way he is.

  231. 231.  229

    Hawpe has a long disgusting swing, Shawn Green-esque!!

  232. 232.  228 “In Philadelphia it’s worth fifty bucks.”–Name the actor and the movie and win a kupie [sp] doll.

  233. 233.  230 “It’s a gamble but I think it’s worth the gamble.”


    Tim, Tim, Tim. If you send the very slow Todd Helton with a strikeout-prone batter at the plate and the platoon advantage very much against you, it is emphatically not a good gamble.

  234. 234.  231 Good call. You called that in the last game.

  235. 235.  Dear Yorvit,

    Here comes the splitter.


  236. 236.  you can’t complain with this inning I just hope the Rockies have what it takes to seal the deal.

  237. 237.  227
    what are we, chopped liver ;)?

  238. 238.  Good to hear the Joe Walsh going into commercial break.

  239. 239.  Is that Serena’s torso of The Bus’s?

  240. 240.  Bo Diddley in Trading Places.

  241. 241.  Didn’t Lugo step out of the batter’s box there?

  242. 242.  240 I am cramming your doll into my disc drive now. Hold on.

  243. 243.  232
    Sorry, the only Philly-related quote I can come up with is ” I spent a week there one night”
    -W.C. Fields maybe?

  244. 244.  237 Great company all around, friend. 🙂

    Seriously, no place I’d rather be other than actually being at the game.

  245. 245.  Yeah, Xaphor nailed it. I had to cheat to “remember”…

    “Look, it tells time simultaneously in Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Rome, and Gstad.”

  246. 246.  Walking Lugo is like crossing the streams–not good. (with apologies to FJT).

  247. 247.  I once spent a year in Philadelphia, I think it was on a Sunday.

  248. 248.  240 Name his first line. Uh oh, Crisp AND Lugo got on…isn’t that the seventh sign f4rom that demi Moore movie?

  249. 249.  Well.

    The bullpen keepeth, the bullpen giveth away.

  250. 250.  McCarver didn’t salivate over that Torrealba play? You know there are only ctachers on D.

  251. 251.  A walk, an end of the bat single and a water balloon double. I’m starting to hate the Red Sox.

  252. 252.  Feh.

    Burnt my fingers, man.

  253. 253.  Why was Hawpe so slow to get over there. He was playing him down the line. He dogged it on a play earlier (1st inning?) tonight. Is he that slow or just out if the game.

  254. 254.  Hurdle is leaving Fuentes in to soak this up? 252 Correct, no “man” though I think.

  255. 255.  251
    not a yanks fan here by any stretch, but what took you so long?

  256. 256.  Hmm, Undercover Brother’s on. Maybe I’ll switch to that.

  257. 257.  if it wasn’t meant to be it wasn’t mean to be I guess.

  258. 258.  251 I’m way ahead of you.

  259. 259.  256

  260. 260.  256 I’m missing Torchwood (twice!) for this.

  261. 261.  256 I’m missing Torchwood (twice!) for this.

  262. 262.  251255

    really man…

  263. 263.  They are leaving Fuentes in here? I would have pulled him after Lugo AND Crisp got on.

  264. 264.  You can’t help & think Hurdle has something to do with tonights Rockies down fall (I’m still clinging) but that’s just baseball for you…

  265. 265.  Missed his spot 2-0 but got the strike.

  266. 266.  264 That’s wahat Grady Little said.

  267. 267.  Double switch by Francona worked nicely.

  268. 268.  267 He was an NL manager first.

  269. 269.  Nice fundamental baseball hit by Matsui, now let’s see if Tulowitzki can break out of it after that hit.

  270. 270.  Another double-switch

  271. 271.  if anything at least it’s getting interesting again, man, I really hope Holliday gets a hold of one.

  272. 272.  He damn near did get a hold of that one.

  273. 273.  oh yes, Alex Cora great great glove, he rocked as a Dodgers.

  274. 274.  Poor Josh. Who let all these Rockies fans in? 😉

  275. 275.  a game of inches…

  276. 276.  274 : Ha!

    Nice work by Lowell. Slow as molasses but an excellent baserunner somehow.

  277. 277.  274 There are some Boston fans here, but laying low. I’ve spent enough years of futility rooting for both the Dodgers and the Sox to talk trash.

    Seems like the DT crew is pretty strongly in the Rocks’ camp, too. Oh well, what can you do?

  278. 278.  By the way, what is Hawkins doing in there instead of Corpas? Fuentes blew the setup job, but this IS the Series now.

  279. 279.  “Experience and depth”? Didn’t two rookies lead the charge for Boston?

  280. 280.  so watch hope hit a dinger here.

  281. 281.  It’s appropriate the Hapwe ends it. He’s having an awful series.

  282. 282.  Hawpe…

  283. 283.  278 Old habits die hard?

  284. 284.  283 And stupid managers.

  285. 285.  Hawpe is in “feel bad for him” territory, that can’t be good.

  286. 286.  Hope rings eternal…

  287. 287.  Ellsbury mispayed that carom due to inexperience.

  288. 288.  That Triceratops mascot is freaking me out.

  289. 289.  Cook/Lester at least makes it interesting. It’s a complete crapshot. The Red Sox have to win by three for the most lopsided WS in history.

  290. 290.  oh well, looks like the Red Sox are on there way. Along with other Boston teams. Bostonians are on cloud 9 in ’08. Bostons year if you will..

  291. 291.  asta manana tostadores…

  292. 292.  Longest game in WS history…

  293. 293.  292 – Breaking the record of that unforgettable 15-14 game 😥

    289 , dare I ask who was the previous record, or will that be a Rant soon?

  294. 294.  Really, How long was that 15-14 Phils-Blue Jays game? I’ll check….

  295. 295.  Really, How long was that 15-14 Phils-Blue Jays game? I’ll check….

  296. 296.  B-R says it was 4:14. How long was this one?

  297. 297.  293 Why would I rant about how Jim Fregosi threw away a gift-wrapped win after Stottlemyre impaled himself runnung the bases and was throwing like Ricky Vaughn before the glasses.

  298. 298.  296 MLB.com says 4:19. I guess that is a new record.

  299. 299.  Looks like I am talking to myself. G’night.

  300. 300.  Good night, Mike. And thanks… I always wanted to hit 300.

  301. 301.  I wondered why the Rockies didn’t bring Herges back to start the 8th inning. He did so well in the 7th, 3 up and down struck out, and threw just 14 pitches. Instead they sent out Fuentes and gave away 3 runs.

  302. 302.  Looks like I am talking to myself. G’night.

    No Mike, your DANCING with your self & it’s cool, just ask Billy Idol.

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