When Bears Walked With Angels

June 7, 2011

My book on the 1977 film The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training is officially out today. In honor of those sequelized Bears, I thought I’d share one of my favorite pictures ever, apparently from a publicity photo shoot around the time of the film’s release. Seeing Ogilvie with an angel on each arm makes me think there might yet be hope for the world.



  1. And Charlie’s Angels are with them why? Is this suppossed to be some kind of cosmic synergy at work?

  2. I think this might be a collision of two Paramount properties. Or maybe the Angels just had to get themselves some Ogilvie.

  3. Got the new one last night – looking forward to digging into it! I haven’t seen Breaking Training in many years so I am waiting for Netflix to deliver it (and Bad News Bears: A New Hope) before I get into the book.

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