Free Beer Tour begins tonight

June 1, 2011


If you’re in the neighborhood of Naperville, Illinois, this evening, come on out to Anderson’s Bookshop, where Lagunitas will be provide the beer, Pete Nelson will read from his hilarious and moving novel I Thought You Were Dead, David Anthony will read from his blistering Sal-Bando-haunted page-turner Something for Nothing, and I’ll read from Cardboard Gods.


For more info, please see Anderson’s Bookshop’s event page.



  1. Wow. I hope I can make it to Oak-town on the 9th! I … I might be able to … So nicely close to BART…

  2. For what it’s worth: it was a great pleasure to see Josh read in Oakland on Thursday night, and FREE BEER, as advertised. Pete Nelson and David Anthony were interesting to hear, as well, but I only spoke to Josh afterwards. Really, a pleasure. Those in Brookline or Austin should certainly go!

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