Cardboard Gods: the liner notes

March 15, 2011

Cardboard Gods is officially out in paperback today. Algonquin Books posted some news about their release of the paperback (including a chance to get a free copy) and also included my “liner notes” for my imagined soundtrack for the book, with thoughts on songs by, among others, John Lennon, the Grateful Dead, Leif Garret, The Ramones, and the band whose album cover (shown at left) fascinated me as a child as much as any baseball card:

 Algonquin Books: Cardboard Gods Publication Day and Liner Notes


  1. I bought my paperback copy on March 13th. Must have been in the first batch in Connecticut. I will start reading as soon as my 21-month old daughter will allow.

  2. Thanks for getting a copy–and congrats on the (relatively) new arrival!

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