Update on Cardboard Gods: the book (Amazon orders)

April 2, 2010

I’ve learned that people who were kind enough to pre-order my book on Amazon have been getting emails from Amazon saying that the online store is “still trying to obtain” the book and asking if the buyer would like to cancel the order. If you have gotten such an email, please disregard its somewhat alarmist (electronically generated) implications. The reason the book has not been shipped yet is that it hasn’t been released yet. The release date is April 12. My apologies for any confusion about this, and huge thanks to everyone who has already plunked down for the book. I really, really appreciate it.

Also, a couple more things on the book, since we’re on the subject:

James Bailey posted a review at Baseball America.

-I’ll be adding a page listing book events soon. So far, the only confirmed in-store event is an April 29 reading in Chicago at Quimby’s. I am also doing a reading for the Baseball Reliquary in South Pasadena on June 10. In between those two readings, in mid- to late May,  I’ll be doing readings in the northeast (details to come).


  1. Can I put in a vote for a Pacific Northwest appearance or two?

  2. South Pasadena? You mean I’m going to have to walk TWO blocks from my home to go to listen to you? That’s so…. far…. Can’t you make it closer? You can talk in my kitchen.

    I’d give you a free soda.

  3. Eric: Thanks for the vote. I’d love to go out to the Pacific Northwest–I’ve never been. However, I might have to first change the vacation day policy at my job for that to happen: I just put in my days for the northeast swing in May and the SoCal trip in June I’m already pretty much maxed out for the year.

    bobtimmermann: How about I just talk real loud? Then maybe you can avoid the trek and still hear me from your living room if the wind is right.

  4. South Pas–I’ll be there. I’ve got it on my calendar, looking forward to it.

  5. I got an e-mail from Amazon yesterday saying they shipped me my copy of the book.

  6. I also got an email early yesterday saying the book had shipped. The delivery estimate is April 8. I didn’t get the alarmist email.

  7. I received mine today with some kind of Barnes & Noble magic shipping. I got a shipping confirmation email this morning and it was somehow at my desk this afternoon. I love the jacket and it’s waxy insides and I can’t wait to dig into it! Thank you Josh.

  8. Nice. Glad it got there, jbavi360.

  9. I got mine yesterday too and moved it into the on-deck circle of my reading list. In case you’re wondering, it’s after my current book about World War I and before a bio of Zachary Taylor.

  10. Great call with the “green on thursday” rule. We definitely had that at our school. I had never heard of that anywhere else but I knew we couldn’t be unique.
    So what the hell were we supposed to do when St Patrick’s Day fell on a Thursday?

  11. I just received my copy of the book. I love the inner jacket with the color photo baseball collage, awesome. Also, I love the color photo of the cards in the front of each chapter. Also the material of the book jacket kind of feels like a baseball card wrapper, excellent.

  12. johnq11: Glad it got to you, and thanks for buying it. Yeah, I really liked how the book came out, design-wise.

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