Lynn McGlothen

June 1, 2009

Lynn McGlothen 75

I’m still working on my book, so I’ve got to make this quick. (I begged and wheedled for an extension on my original June 1 deadline.) But, since I set today as the end of my suspension from the playing field of Cardboard Gods, here are four quick things about Lynn McGlothen, more or less:

1. I thought Lynn was a girl’s name. The first girl who ever liked me was named Lynn. I didn’t like her. I liked a girl I thought was prettier. Her name was Kim. Kim didn’t like me but liked a boy she thought was cuter named Jamie. I found it confusing that there was a male quarterback (Lynn Dickey) and a male pitcher (Lynn McGlothen) named Lynn and that the bionic woman was a woman named Jamie. And wasn’t there a basketball playing dude named Kim? Or am I imagining it? I don’t have time to investigate.

2. Lynn McGlothen is happy. Who wouldn’t be? Your picture on a baseball card! Not only that, the back of the card tells a happy tale, a long gradual climb through the minors, a taste of the majors with one team, then a midseason trade to another team and finally, a staff-leading 16 wins in the season just concluded.

3. I’ve been working hard on my book in an attempt to trace the path of my own happiness or lack therof by using baseball cards as markers. It’s the same thing I’ve been doing on this site for quite a while, but I guess I’m sort of trying to add up all the numbers on the back of my own card. What’s it all add up to? Does it add up to happiness? While doing some research on the book, trying to make sure I had some facts straight, I came across some sobering news about a Cardboard God I’d yet to write about, Lynn McGlothen. (See below.) What’s it all mean in the end?

4. Lynn McGlothen died in a fire. He was only 34. I’ve lived a few years past that and I’m still waiting for someone to say “On your mark.” Just yesterday I heard a fire truck close by and wondered if maybe my building was on fire. I was wearing boxer shorts. Would I have time to throw on pants? What else would I have time for? First, before the pants, I’d grab the cats. If I still had time to grab one more thing after the cats were safe and I had pants on, or maybe even before the pants, I’d grab the box that I’ve carried with me so far, the one that contains this picture of Lynn McGlothen happy.


  1. Kim Hughes was the hoopster. From Wisconsin. Had a twin named Kerry. Could NOT shoot free throws (.397) and in his last season shot just 2 in 490 minutes. He’s now an assistant with the Clippers.

  2. There was a Kim Andrews that had a brief cup of coffee with the mid-70s Red Sox. It’s been so long since I commented here that I had to log in.

  3. Right! Kim Hughes. I’d forgotten that he had a similarly ambiguously named brother.

  4. Welcome back.

    Kim Batiste was a backup infielder on the pennant winning ’93 Phillies.

  5. Jeez, I don’t remember Kim Andrews, but I wonder if he was a teammate on the Red Sox of Terry Hughes (and/or Lynn McGlothen).

  6. Josh – I now apologize for calling you out earlier this morning in the Madlock thread. I knew you’d post today! Welcome back.

  7. Nolan Ryan’s first name is Lynn. That’s also Todd Helton’s middle name.

    It’s a lot better than being named “Fair Hooker.”

  8. I could never forget Kim Bokamper, a DE on the Killer B Dolphins in the early 80’s

  9. Great to hear from you Josh, best of luck wrapping up the manuscript.

  10. Lynn McGlothen’s middle name is Everett, and he was drafted by the Red Sox. I’m not sure if there’s a major league ballplayer who is/was more name-connected to their team like McGlothen was to the Sox. Lynn, MA & Everett, MA are only minutes from Fenway.

  11. redsoxeveryday:
    According to the back of the card at the top of this post (the last in my heyday to include middle names), Lynn’s middle name had the sticky-typewriter-keys spelling of “Everratt”.

  12. I remember having this card and that smile for sure.

    Died in a fire? Geez.

    Welcome back and stuff.

  13. As far as ambiguous, unisex names go, Kim and Lynn seem to be pretty far on the feminine side. I was never a big fan of Jody or Kelly for boys, either. Just my opinion.

  14. Fair Hooker was maybe the greatest athlete to come out of my high school, Monrovia High. He was a few years before me, but I’ve always loved the name.

  15. Kim Clackson was a ’70s era “enforcer” who played for several teams in the old WHA and NHL. Hockey has always had its share of androgynous names (Jodys, Kellys, Kerrys, and Kays, not to mention the ubiquitous francophone Jeans, Michels and Yvons…)

    The baseball reference page has McGlothlen’s middle name listed as good ol’ “Everett.” As you’re reflecting on your mortality, Josh, I’d like to extend my condolences on the somewhat lurid and mysterious passing of your favorite actor, David Carridine.

  16. “I’d like to extend my condolences on the somewhat lurid and mysterious passing of your favorite actor, David Carridine.”

    In that vein, I noticed the NY Post had a headline: “Hung Fu”. Ouch!

  17. Good to have you back and bloggin again but…please do hurry on your ascent of Mount Manuscript so that those of us who enjoy your thoughts get more than one entry a month.

  18. Kimberly Rew was a guitarist in The Soft Boys (which also included Robyn Hitchcock) and Katrina & The Waves.

  19. For feminine names, how about Anibal pronounced Anna Bell, as in former Red Sox farmhand Anibal Sanchez.

    When I started closely following baseball in ’75, Lynn McGlothen was one of the top pitchers in the National League. Looking back, I had forgotten how few good years he actually had. I clearly remember hearing of his death on the radio and it really affected me as he was one the first players I knew of who had died so young (Bostock, Munson).

  20. Did anyone else notice that Lynn signed his name on the card as “Synn” – a conscious or unconscious desire to trade his girly name for something a little more ambiguous?

  21. Gorgeous ending to this post. Welcome back, sir.

  22. Kim McQuilken was an obscure backup QB for the Falcons at the same time Lynn McGlothen was plying his trade. I’ve seen McQuilken called the worst QB in NFL history.

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