Jerry Remy (Angels-Red Sox Game 2 Chat)

October 5, 2007

Jerry Remy, who threw out the first pitch prior to Game 1 Thursday night, was recently elected “President of Red Sox Nation” or some such nonesense. I cringe at the term Red Sox Nation, frankly. So bombastic. Why can’t we just be Red Sox fans? But whatever, I guess if anybody’s going to be president of us Red Sox fans it should be Jerry Remy, who grew up one of us in Fall River, Massachusetts, who was among the euphoric yahoos storming the field in Fenway after Petrocelli caught the popup to clinch the 1967 pennant (Remy was 14 years old at that moment), who after logging three good seasons with the California Angels was traded along with his mustache to the Red Sox (for Don Aase and his mustache), who then immediately had probably his best all-around season in helping his hometown team almost get to the point they are now, the playoffs, who in fact got the last basehit of that painful 1978 season, singling off Goose Gossage to push Rick Burleson and his mustache to third, 90 feet from tying the do-or-die one-game playoff game against the Yankees, who though often bedeviled by injuries after 1978 went on to become one of the top five second basemen in Red Sox history, and who now is a beloved TV announcer for the Red Sox, a welcome guest in the homes of New Englanders who recognize his love of the game (and his unvarnished New England accent) as their own. 

Here are the lineups for tonight’s game (8:37, TBS):

C. Figgins cf
O. Cabrera ss
V. Guerrero rf
G. Anderson lf
M. Izturis 3b
C. Kotchman 1b
K. Morales dh
H. Kendrick 2b
J. Mathis c 

K. Escobar p

Red Sox 
D. Pedroia 2b
K. Youkilis 1b
D. Ortiz dh
M. Ramirez lf
M. Lowell 3b
J.D. Drew rf
J. Varitek c
C. Crisp cf
J. Lugo ss

D. Matsuzaka p


  1. 1.  I’ll be around for any pregame chatter (and postgame jeers or cheers) but because I’m among the Last Guys Without Cable I’m headed to the local watering hole to watch this one. If you’re in the Chicago area and happen in to the Black Beetle, I’ll be the guy at the bar with the Red Sox cap and the very, very early beginnings of some facial hair that I hope to foster into a fullblown many-weeks-in-the-making Rick Miller World-Series-or-Bust mustache.

  2. 2.  Black Beetle? Isn’t that a Spiderman villain?

  3. 3.  surprising lead by the Halos, very nice.

  4. 4.  OK, so the Yankees lose. Let’s get our heads back together and win this thing.

  5. 5.  If Escobar is going to throw strikes like that, this game is over.

  6. 6.  the BoSox own the Halos in BeanTown, IF the Angels win today it will be major points on there side.

  7. 7.  wow, that was really bad base running on Anderson’s part… of course, it probably makes up for the play that Drew should have made.

  8. 8.  7 Jeff Kent: “That can’t be right. Garrett Anderson is a proven veteran!”

  9. 9.  Phew. I thought it was just me and Bluebleeder.

    Trivia:(MLB pitchers with at least 18 wins in one year and 38 saves in another) Derek Lowe? Dennis Eckersley?

  10. 10.  Dave Righetti?

  11. 11.  How can you start a game chat and then leave? Is that a Vermont kind of thing?

  12. 12.  9 – Eck, Lowe, Wakefield?

  13. 13.  How many people can you squish in that stadium.

  14. 14.  We’re in some trouble here.

  15. 15.  How could I forget Wake? Of course. But I’m not positive he ever got 38 saves.

  16. 16.  seriously, it’s elbow to elbow in there. but I’d love to visit it though.

  17. 17.  any one else’s feed just go crazy?

    Oh, never mind, working again

  18. 18.  15 – I’m just trying to think of guys I can remember being closers and starters with some success.

  19. 19.  I heard a BP Conversation with Steve Stone during which he was very intelligent and engaging. So far, I am thinking this is a different Steve Stone.

  20. 20.  I don’t know if Roy Face, retroactively, ever got 38 saves. If I have to file my guess, it’s Face, Eck, Righetti, and DLowe.

  21. 21.  19

    I don’t know I’ve always liked ’em as a broadcaster especially during his Cubbie days. I hope Bob doesn’t read this.

  22. 22.  Bob should make a list of broadcasters he likes, cause the only one I know he likes is Vinnie, & even he gets it some times from Bob…

  23. 23.  Wow, not much action here tonight, huh? How come?

  24. 24.  22 – I was always under the impression that Bob was a mark for Charlie Steiner, Joe Morgan, and Jon Miller.

    (ducks, runs, and hides)

  25. 25.  23 – it’s Friday night?

    Half right on the trivia, I forgot Smotlz as a closer

  26. 26.  23

    maybe cause it’s friday & people are probably out for dinner or something.

  27. 27.  23 Because there isn’t a true Red Sox or Angels blog here – no hardcore group of the faithful to propel it.

  28. 28.  Friday Night Lights at 9!! (geeks out)

  29. 29.  27 – Is there a particular reason why this blog is hosting the game chat?

  30. 30.  29 Because Josh is a Red Sox fan.

  31. 31.  If Dice K ever pitched with Eric Gregg behind the plate, he’d strike out 25 guys.

    Well, I got two out of four on the trivia. I should have remembered Smoltz, but I had forgotten about Escobar being a closer.

  32. 32.  29 Josh is a Red Sox fan.

    I guess you’re right, it’s not a Sox blog, that’s why.

    Seems like a shame, though. Places like Dirt Dogs or Sons of Sam Horn, yech. We could use a BoSox Toaster blog.

  33. 33.  30/32 – Gotcha.

  34. 34.  32 Heh. If I didn’t live 5,000 miles west of Boston, and if I didn’t have my own blog to maintain, and. . .

  35. 35.  Oh, and if I could somehow subjugate my own Dodger allegiance to the Red Sox… 😉

  36. 36.  I like how Vlad doesn’t step out of the box between pitches. I like it even better when he chases a pitch and rolls out to short.

  37. 37.  32 Yeah, you’d think there’d be a Toaster-worthy Bosox blogger that the power that be would want to recruit into their fold.

  38. 38.  36 – I like it most when he chases a pitch and parks it in the next county

  39. 39.  34 35 Three *if*s, you’re out.

  40. 40.  Oy for Matsuzaka.

  41. 41.  Make no mistake,though, Bad Vlad scares the living poop out of me.

  42. 42.  So, I’d have to say Dice-K is looking like a bad buy. But, jury’s out. Maybe next year he’ll figure things out a little better.

  43. 43.  good sign for the Angels, getting to the pen in the 5th, first time they’ve gotten to a pen in the playoffs in a couple of years

  44. 44.  I don’t understand the hook here, but we’ll see.

    Dice K is someone I don’t understand. His stuff seems to be so good, and he’s so smart, why can’t he put it together? I have to keep reminding myself that he is Beckett’s age, and still needs time.

    But his first season has proven to be more frustrating than I planned.

  45. 45.  All the playoff teams have so many shiny, new rookies.

  46. 46.  His main problem has been control. It could work out better next year.

    Tavares does the job. Why isn’t Clay Bucholz on the roster, anyway?

  47. 47.  46 ‘His’ referred to Dice-K.

  48. 48.  46 – His arm is pooped.

  49. 49.  42 Wouldn’t you have taken 14 wins and an average ERA from Kei Igawa, though? He’s not a number one, perhaps never will be. But give his 30 starts to the Yankees, and they blow the Sox out of the water.

  50. 50.  49 Oh, totally. But he cost much less.

    I think Matsuzaka is a decent pitcher; they just overpaid for him. And, maybe he’ll turn out to be worth the money, we’ll see.

  51. 51.  Dice-K costs about $20 million / year, average*. That’s a lot for what they got.

    * the posting fee part doesn’t hurt them for salary cap / luxury tax purposes.

  52. 52.  50 I meant, Igawa cost much less. Argh.

    So, the IBB to Ortiz: smart, or no? I guess I say yes, though I don’t like IBBs.

  53. 53.  46 I heard somewhere Buchholz has been shut down for the year, because he was complaining about some soreness. Reportedly Beckett dressed him down, telling him to get ready during the offseason.

  54. 54.  How is that not fan interference?

  55. 55.  Hmmm, IBB the potential go-head run to get to Manny. Interesting.

  56. 56.  55 – setting up the double play, base hit by Ortiz ties it, makes sense

  57. 57.  The Stolen Ball (TM). Right in front of Steven King, too. Cool.

  58. 58.  52 It’s better than the intentional unintentional walk, I guess. Even w/out the IBB, you wouldn’t challenge Ortiz and he’s disciplined enough not to chase. So why risk hanging the intended low breaking ball?

  59. 59.  55 56 Also, Ortiz is just a much bigger threat to get the run in, esp. against a righty. A very good righty. That’s why I’m okay with the move.

    But, uh, not if he then walks Manny!

  60. 60.  54 As Stone said, if the ball is out of play, you (as a player) can go get it, but you have no right to it, the way you do when it is still in play.

  61. 61.  I’m not sure that a single one of those seven pitches was in the zone.

  62. 62.  The big moment.

  63. 63.  Alright, that’ll do.

  64. 64.  60 – interesting, live speed, it looked like the ball was still in play. On the replay though, it looked like the kid knocked the glove away in order to get to the ball, that is less than kosher

  65. 65.  You knew J.D. would get it to 3-2 😉

  66. 66.  Big Papi is not allowed to complain about running on 3-2, if only because he doesn’t have to play defense.

  67. 67.  64 That’s not the point. It was on the other side of the wall-ie not in play. The fielder has no right to a ball that is outside the field of play. True, if the photographer’s box isn’t there, it isn’t, but since it is, it is.

  68. 68.  J. D. could have bought A LOT of good will from Sox fans with another hit there, to go with his earlier two-out, two-rbi single. Alas.

  69. 69.  67 – I don’t care that much, just seems strange, is all I’m saying.

  70. 70.  That IBB looks like a wash, now. The Sox get the one run, so the Angels don’t get what they were looking for from the walk; but no more runs after that, so it didn’t come back to bite them.

    But Escobar threw about 30 pitches that inning.

  71. 71.  67 It’s actually a great play by the fan to help the Sox.

  72. 72.  Hm, I have to take my son to the SATs tomorrow morning, so I think I’ll duck out now.

    I’m neutral in this game, so I’ll just wish it’s a good one.


  73. 73.  70 and 101 for the game. He may pitch one more, but this is an all-bullpen battle soon.

  74. 74.  72 Later.

  75. 75.  71 It was a smart play. I think one of the most agonizing things about Bartman for a Cubs fan is that it was such a STUPID move. If you have any brains at all, you let Alou try to make that play late in a playoff game.

    Then again, it hasn’t ever happened to me, so I don’t know what I would do, exactly.

  76. 76.  from mlb.com, re: the Canadian Soldiers

    “The Yankees sprayed themselves down before the start of the frame, using the repellant to counteract the bugs. The spray seemed about as effective as the New York hitters were against Cleveland starter Fausto Carmona.”

  77. 77.  Speaking of SATs, I have to take the GRE next Saturday. Crud.

  78. 78.  I am quite happy to be done with standardized test… though I was never one to study much for them.

  79. 79.  The MCAT was truly soul-sucking, so the GRE shouldn’t be -too- bad in comparison. It’s just my first computerized standardized test.

  80. 80.  I’m a little surprised I haven’t seen MDC logos made into Manny Del Carmen gear. (The Metropolitan District Commission are the people who run the pools and public works stuff in Boston.)

    Maybe that’s a little too Massachusetts centric for y’all.

  81. 81.  Looking back, I wish I would have taken my education a bit more seriously.

    So, Sporky, what are you going to grad school for after going to med school?

  82. 82.  I’m a little surprised I haven’t seen MDC logos made into Manny Del Carmen gear. (The Metropolitan District Commission are the people who run the pools and public works stuff in Boston.)

    Maybe that’s a little too Massachusetts centric for y’all.

  83. 83.  79 Good luck. How can the GRE be your “first computerized standardized test”?

  84. 84.  81 – I was considering med school, but decided that I would probably not enjoy being a physician. I’m applying to public health/epidemiology programs instead.

  85. 85.  81 Sorry to jump down your throat there about the foul ball thing. I’m a little on edge.

    Have a good night.

  86. 86.  Is DelCarmen that popular?

  87. 87.  steal Coco, steal!

  88. 88.  83 – All the other tests I took were paper-based. The GRE is mostly offered as computer-based test now (much to my frustration).

  89. 89.  Hey, where’d the leadoff line technology go?

  90. 90.  84 – ah, very cool. I was thinking maybe you were going to become a shrink, but public health is generally a good thing, in fact, as a candidate, I’d be in favor of good public health.

    85 – no worries. Just seemed like a strange play to me, but mainly probably my anti-Red Sox bias

  91. 91.  84 The problem with being a physician is dealing with insurance companies (both the patients’ and your own malpractice), and/or working for an HMO/PPO, choose your poison.

  92. 92.  91 – funny, the worst part of being a lawyer is dealing with insurance companies.

    Wow, bone headed play there by Mr. Breakfast Cereal.

  93. 93.  88 Ah! I read “computerized” as Scantron, not paperless! (I’m old.)

  94. 94.  I was just lucking at Lugo’s #’s boy what a horrible ’07 year he had.

  95. 95.  84 Yes. Bonne chance to you, sir.

  96. 96.  Was Coco running on that pitch?

  97. 97.  91 – That, along with the lifestyle, is a large reason why I’m not going to be Sporky, M.D.

    I think it’s complete horsecrap that under most insurance policies, preventative measures aren’t covered. But I digress 🙂

  98. 98.  95 I believe you mean “ms.”

  99. 99.  97 I think you have to be borderline (at least) obsessive-compulsive to be a doctor. As a patient, I WANT my doctor to be that!

  100. 100.  Funny, the worst part of pharmacy is dealing with insurance companies, too.

    That was a bonehead move by Coco, but a good call. He was on it.

  101. 101.  That’s gonna leave a bruise.

  102. 102.  Vlad always looks really annoyed when he gets hit

  103. 103.  And the worst thing about being a generally healthy patient is dealing with the insurance companies. You have to be a serious bookkeeper to track everything to be sure what you really own your doctor / practitioner.

  104. 104.  98 Oops. My unconscious sexism rears its ugly head. A thousand pardons.

  105. 105.  100 – I see a pattern developing here.

  106. 106.  88 The CLEP test are like that now.. You sit at a computer to take the test – unlike when I took them.

  107. 107.  105 And I continued it in 103 w/out having seen 100 yet!

  108. 108.  Before I go off about how much I hate insurance companies… what’s the word on GA playing next year? I thought I had heard that this was going to be his last hurrah.

  109. 109.  this guys head is gonna fall off any minute now.

  110. 110.  108 He’s still under contract for next season for $12 million. $14 million team option w/ $3 million buyout for ’09.

  111. 111.  54 FYI, from the rulebook definitions section:

    (d) Spectator interference occurs when a spectator reaches out of the stands, or goes on the playing field, and touches a live ball.

    Note “out of the stands”

  112. 112.  108

    GA is a very furtunet (sp) ball player considering he was born in L.A. was drafted by an L.A. team & will retire with the same team he started.

  113. 113.  98 – lol, thanks!

    There are many issues I have with the current state of medical training, which I won’t go into here. Suffice it to say that I don’t want to spend my career banging my head on a bureaucratic/insurance wall.

  114. 114.  104 – No worries. I’m sure the Toaster population is largely male.

  115. 115.  112 You may be right, or not, about the “retire” part. He turned 35 this season, so for the ’09 season he’ll be 36/37. If he’s bought out, he could conceivably end up elsewhere as a platoon DH or something.

  116. 116.  I don’t know but Youkilis rubs me the wrong way, I don’t know why.

  117. 117.  116 – His batting stance amuses me. So does Alfonso Soriano’s.

  118. 118.  Plashke got eviscerated on FJM today… I really like it when that happens, I mention it here and not at DT because it’s about Vlad and not Kemp

  119. 119.  97 Yeah, but “Sporky, M.D.” is pretty funny! 😉

    I just met my 31 year old second cousin from Iowa a couple weeks back, and she’s an M.D. No amusing moniker though, as far as I know.

  120. 120.  116 That oddball bouncy thing he does? Very unusual. They get some characters in Boston.

  121. 121.  I don’t know Shields got from 3-0 to 3-2 to Ortiz, but once a right-hander get to 3-0 on Ortiz, why screw around? Walk him, go-ahead run or not, and take your chances 0-0 with Manny, who has not been ManRam this year.

  122. 122.  114 Thanks.

    What irritates me is that I pride myself on NOT doing that, and I slipped. Thanks for being cool about it.

  123. 123.  Y’know, this walking Ortiz and Ramirez back-to-back is going to bite the Angels sooner or later.

  124. 124.  8 walks, and you only score 3 runs? C’mon, now.

  125. 125.  123 – am I the only Dodger fan around here hoping that Lowell does not get a hit at all in this series?

  126. 126.  123 – seems to be working so far

  127. 127.  119 That is funny. Is there a good speciality to go with that? General Practice? EENT? OBGYN?

  128. 128.  Phew, nice job Scotty…

  129. 129.  127 – A proctologist, perchance?

  130. 130.  Manny, a worse LF than Burrell? Than Greg Luzinski?

  131. 131.  130 – he caught that, that’s all that matters. But I sure would not want to see him playing in a stadium with something that actually resembles a left field

  132. 132.  When will see Ghame over?

  133. 133.  why do I have this feeling that this game is going to last 3 days

  134. 134.  131 Exactly. 81 games in Fenway is the only way Manny is a LF.

    130 Definitely around that level. He’d probably be willing to fall down like Lonnie Smith too.

  135. 135.  127 My cousin’s maiden surname is Stork, she’s an OBGYN, and her and her husband have 4 of their own children so far….. Seems like Dr. Sporky could be some sort of psychiatrist, maybe? Would cheer me up to think of “Dr. Sporky.” 🙂

  136. 136.  129 … to dream. Funny. Gross, but funny. I like it.

  137. 137.  135 I sincerely hope she practices under her maiden name. That is spectacular, Dr. Stork, OB!

  138. 138.  I’m sorry, the Red Sox are just not as fun to watch now that they’ve won a World Series. In the old days, it was so much fun to speculate about how that non-catch would be the beginning of the end.

  139. 139.  wow, pinch hitter mid-AB. That’s er, interesting

  140. 140.  134 “Skates” fell down in the batter’s box. He threw the ball backwards, however, in the OF once for the Phils.

  141. 141.  125 Lowell doesn’t come up with a big hit and now a throwing error – I hope Colletti is watching and scratching out a name on his wish list.

  142. 142.  141 – He might try to lowball him instead.

  143. 143.  142 – just trying to buy low

  144. 144.  140 Are you sure he never fell down in LF? Less famously, Kal “4e16+2” Daniels was pretty bad out there in left.

  145. 145.  ok, this game has actually got rather compelling

  146. 146.  I just did a quick query and the worst Fielding WS/G for any starting OF in the last 30 years was Kevin Reimer.

  147. 147.  with all these moves, Scoisca really should be managing in the NL, of course, Lieberthal would have to give up his number, but Mike had it first anyway

  148. 148.  walk in front of the .330 hitter. Not the best pitching strategy.

  149. 149.  147 – You think they’ll pick up Lieberthal’s option? I’m worried Ned will take Moeller instead.

  150. 150.  NICE!

  151. 151.  149 – forgot he was on a one year deal.

    I’m sorry, that was two feet outside

  152. 152.  sorry Mr. Announcer-guy, but the pitch tracker did not show that being a strike. the only thing that made that a strike was the umpire in chief.

  153. 153.  I was in Wrigleyville last night for the Cubs game. What a scene that was. Nothing like that in L.A.

  154. 154.  Why don’t the Red Sox build a new stadium?

  155. 155.  WTF? Am I seeing this right? In a tie game, did he just pull Vlad with his spot due up second next inning? Is Vlad hurt?

  156. 156.  155 – Apparently, the HBP = contusion on his left shoulder.

  157. 157.  155 – apparently, it goes back to him getting hit in the shoulder

  158. 158.  154 Those are probably fighting words on a Red Sox blog!

  159. 159.  156 157 All this time later? It wasn’t a problem last inning? Contusion confusion?

  160. 160.  158 – probably, but you’d think that having a stadium that holds more than 45 people would be a good thing when you are going to constantly have a payroll over $100 mil. And it’s not that I don’t like the old stadiums, it’s just that as a matter of business you’d think it was time for a new one. They did survive the Gardens being torn down.

  161. 161.  10 pitches. Guess Speier wants to go two innings, if it’s still tied.

  162. 162.  160 They’re tearing down Yankee Stadium. I suppose Fenway isn’t sacred either. It’s seen another World Series – implode it!

  163. 163.  I gotta run folks. Radio coverage for me now. Have fun.

  164. 164.  I don’t like the Red Sox, but going to Fenway was like going to Mecca for me.

  165. 165.  163 – Night!

  166. 166.  162 – at least Yankee Stadium holds 55000, Fenway apparently only holds 38500 (averaging different numbers for day and night games). The only stadium I can find with smaller capacity is in Pittsburgh, and it’s not like they need it there.

  167. 167.  164 – I’ll admit to wanting to take a trip to Boston and NY to get games in at those stadiums, and would probably do the same in Chicago if the Cubs ever decided to build a real stadium too.

  168. 168.  Will Frank TV be better than “Skin”?

  169. 169.  Frank >>>>> Dane

  170. 170.  167 By the way, you missed something by not seeing a ballgame at Yankee Stadium. Both Femway and Yankee Stadium have an atmosphere that cannot be found in the newer stadiums. They are all fine, but they are Disney versions of Fenway and Yankee Stadium.

  171. 171.  Does Lugo still beat his wife? I’m just saying.

  172. 172.  170 I agree, I think I have time for Wrigley and Fenway but going to Yankee Stadium this year was a very cool thing. But then I spent most of the game picturing Ruth, Gehrig, Joe D, Mantle, Reggie, et.al. on the field.

  173. 173.  170 – I still have one more season to catch a game at Yankee Stadium, no?

    169 – at this point, Frank=Dane

  174. 174.  Aside from th history and the monuments, you have the atmosphere outside the stadium that has to be seen. They try to recreate it in the new ballparks–witness, Ashburn Alley at CBP.

  175. 175.  173 Right, 2009 is when the new stadium opens.

  176. 176.  wow, that was apick mistake (the 1-0 pitch)

  177. 177.  wow.

  178. 178.  Double wow.

  179. 179.  How many times does a team walk a player in front of a guy who has hit 490 career home runs.

    At least once too many tonight.

  180. 180.  YEEESSSSSSS!!!!

  181. 181.  I hate the bouncing at the plate for a walk off home run thing. I get it when they do it and it wins a play off series, but to do it for every walk off home run is just annoying.

    Also, isn’t it bad for baseball that all 4 series are now 2-0?

  182. 182.  That was a hude mistake pitch. The catcher set up outside. The pitch drifted inside.

  183. 183.  Sigh. The Red Sox just have the Angels’ number. Good game, and hopefully the Angels can win at home and bring this to 5.

  184. 184.  I’m still in shock. Wow.

    Somewhere in New York, my old roommate is showering herself in beer and doing strange interpretative, celebratory dances.

  185. 185.  The odds based on the past are about 1-in-5.

  186. 186.  183 The kid that caught that foul ball will never have to buy a meal or a drink in Boston for the rest of his life.

  187. 187.  That was for 183 not 184

  188. 188.  186 Hell, Maier got a tryout with the Yankees.

  189. 189.  Yes!!! Never should have changed their name… There is only one real LA baseball club. Yeah!

    I’m not a big Boston fan, I just find the Angels annoying. So, it’s cool to see them at the brink. (Now watch them come back and win three in a row.)

  190. 190.  9 to go

  191. 191.  162 In fairness, YS lost a lot of its “soul” after the renovations during the 1970’s.

    Still, it’s not going to be easy watching it go next year.

  192. 192.  I talked with a friend that said he knew someone close to Remy. That guy claimed that when Remy is doing games on the road, he always watches a ton of porn in his hotel room.

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