I see Seals . . . but where the hell is Croft?

April 13, 2007

To me, a Cardboard God post without any cardboard is like Oates without Hall, Garfunkel without Simon, Shields without Yarnell, Tony without Orlando and Dawn.

It just doesn’t feel right.

Unfortunately, it’ll probably be a couple days yet before I can resume my quest to autopsy my entire existence using my dull-edged 30-year-old baseball cards as scalpels. The wife and I are moving tomorrow, for the nine billionth time, and everything except a couple toothbrushes and the precious, precious television is taped up inside a box, including all the Cardboard Gods.

(Luckily, anyone looking for a baseball card fix can tune into Bruce Markusen’s fine portrait of Doc Medich on Bronx Banter today.)

Also, for anybody in the Chicago area, below is some info about a fiction reading I’m taking part in next Friday. (I’ll be reading from some non-basebally stuff about hippies and such.)

WHO:  Local writers and Vermont College alumni Carol Anshaw, Thomas Balazs, Jeanie Chung, Kate Harding, Bruce Stone and Josh Wilker

WHAT:  Reading to promote The Way We Knew It: Fiction from the first twenty-five years of the MFA in Writing Program at Vermont College and Hunger Mountain, Vermont College’s literary magazine.

WHEN:  Friday, April 20

            5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Barbara’s Bookstore

            1218 S. Halsted

Since its inception in 1981, the Vermont College Master of Fine Arts in Writing program has produced noted alumni including Anshaw and Wally Lamb. Each author will read from his or her work as it appears in the anthology. Anshaw, award-winning author of the novels Aquamarine, Seven Moves and Lucky in the Corner, and an instructor in the MFA in Writing Program at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, will emcee. Copies of the anthology will be available for purchase. Admission is free.

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  1. 1.  Since you’re moving, and maybe going thru your cards, how about looking for truly ‘bad’ photos? I remember an Angels Jack Howell card – late 80’s, early ’90’s where Jack is fouling one off in the dirt.

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