Vic Albury

October 8, 2006

The following is from the transactions section of Vic Albury’s page on baseball reference.com:

“Before 1969 Season: Sent from the Cleveland Indians to the San Diego Padres in an unknown transaction.”

This photo, taken six years after the mysterious deal and mere seconds after the toking of what I am certain Vic Albury referred to as “some primo shit,” suggests that the last person who would know or care why and how Vic Albury went from the Indians to the Padres was Vic Albury.


  1. 1.  There are times when you have a way with words that just crack me up man.

  2. 2.  Now that you draw my attention to this card again:
    It’s pretty damn snazzy how one of the forks of the “V” curves around to cross the “t” in “Victor.”
    He must have practiced that a long time.

    Looking at his entire sig, I first read it as “Victor Albany,” which would be a great name for somebody trying to hide from something.
    In fact, I might just have to start using it myself.

  3. he just disappeared from baseball…..maybe with that fancy signature he figured calligraphy was his calling.

    amazingly i see he played 1979 for Tacoma Tugs, the AAA Indians franchise at the age of 32 and amassed a 5 and 3 record. No wonder my Indians sucked so bad for so many years if this is what they were stock piling their farm system with.

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