Rich Folkers

October 4, 2006

Much like certain of his contemporaries such as Broadway Joe Namath, Wilt the Stilt Chamberlain, and Marvin Bad News Barnes, Richard Nevin Folkers of Waterloo, Iowa, always had the bitches.


  1. 1.  …yes, but you must note, he didn’t start reelin’ in the honeys until much later, when he landed the role of Willie Tanner on the hit series “ALF”.

  2. I recall looking on the backs of the cards to see what player had my birthday. I was really bummed out when I saw the only guy that shared this distinction with me as F’n Folkers.

  3. (*sigh*)

    In the stark absence of, say, even a SLIGHTLY more inspiring role model or two, the presence of Folkers, along with his balding and bespectacled doppleganger Ron Herbel, in the Mets bullpen of the early ’70s,
    did NOT, I repeat DID NOT make it even the SLIGHTEST bit easier to be a baseball-loving child with myopia and a perscription for new glasses…

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