Cardboard Gods: Book tour events


The Free Beer Tour

Anderson’s Bookshop, 123 W. Jefferson Ave., Naperville, IL  60540
*Author reading (also appearing: David Anthony and Pete Nelson)
Free and open to the public
* This is a FREE BEER event.

Boswell Books (at Sugar Maple), 441 East Lincoln Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207
*Author reading (also appearing: David Anthony and Pete Nelson)
Free and open to the public
* This is a FREE BEER event.

Diesel Books, 5433 College Ave. Oakland, CA 94618
*Author reading (also appearing: David Anthony and Pete Nelson)
Free and open to the public
* This is a FREE BEER event.

Brookline Books, 279 Harvard Street Brookline, MA 02446
*Author reading (also appearing: David Anthony and Pete Nelson)
Free and open to the public
* This is a FREE BEER event.

6:30 PM CST
Bookpeople, 603 North Lamar Boulevard Austin, TX 78703
*Author reading (also appearing: David Anthony and Pete Nelson)
Free and open to the public
* This is a FREE BEER event.


  1. So, three stops back in Vermont and you can’t slide over to make a quick stop in Maine, Josh?!?

  2. Oh man, I’d love to get to Maine, but I don’t think I’ll be able to this time. That week with the Vermont stops is going to be pretty crazy, and as soon as the last event is over I have to start Nascar-ing it toward Chicago to get back to work on Monday. In piecing together the string of dates, I really had tunnel vision for my old home state.

  3. I guess I will have to see if I can’t get down to Fenway on the 19th then, huh?

  4. I guess I will have to see if I can get down to Fenway on the 19th then, huh?

  5. Just finished the book last night and found your blog today. Thought I was going to read fifty pages and before you know it, it was 1:30 AM and I was done. Great job, Josh. Seeing as how I’m also a 1968 baby who spent every last nickel (and then whatever I could pilfer from my dad’s loose change) on those wonderful wax packs, I’m probably a bit biased, but what the heck.

    In the mid-90’s, after lugging around several boxes for years, I finally moved all the singles into plastic sheets and binders. Your book motivated me to crack open the 1978 Topps binder tonight with a new perspective…there was Goose Gossage (#70)in a touched-up Yankee uniform pitching in Candlestick…bad hair and a baseball cap make for a truly awful combination (too many players to list)…and Rowland Office (#632) looking even goofier than he does in your memoir.

    Thanks for writing it, and best of luck on your book tour. Maybe you can create an alter ego to deal with the nervousness – How about Tigers reserve infielder Chuck Scrivener (1978 Topps#94)?

    One more thing, I don’t collect cards anymore; for the last dozen years I’ve moved to books – and yours is the latest addition to the collection!

  6. Josh, I’m confused by your appearance here in SoCal on June 10th. Will you be in South Pasadena or Pasadena? Pasadena has a library, and so does South Pasadena.

  7. whtrbruin: Sorry about that, and thanks for asking for clarification. I left out a “South” in the name of the library–it’s in South Pasadena (I updated the listing in the above post). Here’s a link to the Reliquary’s calendar of events that confirms the location of the June 10 event:

    chubphony: Thanks for the great feedback about the book!

  8. Josh, I just flipped through the new ENTERTAINMENT WEAKLY with Robert Downey in Iron Man armor on the cover. EW is pimping your book all over that issue — right the hell on. Can your screenwritten Kelly Leak biopic be far behind now?

    Enjoy the ride, sir. It’s been a long time coming, and it’s richly deserved.

  9. The No Mas event should be pretty cool. Am I right in guessing that this video has something to do with it?


  10. Started reading the book tonight and thrilled to know you will be coming to the Northshire Bookstore (where I bought my copy)later this month! I began collecting cards in 1970!

  11. If you’ll allow me, one probably-unhelpful suggestion/demand:

    Come to San Francisco!

  12. It was really good to meet you last night, Josh. Thanks for coming to New York!

  13. Indeed – a really fun evening. Great to meet ramblin’ pete as well.

  14. aaroncool88: I’d love to get to SF–My vacation days are used up for the moment, but hopefully before too long I can get out there.

    Thanks for coming to the No Mas reading, jbavi360 and blankemon! Great to see you guys there.

  15. Are you planning any signings in Charlotte, NC?

  16. Fantastic book! Philadelphia tour stop anytime soon?

  17. Cannot wait to see you in Manchester VT. Great Book!!!

  18. Will you be coming back to the southwestern VT, northwestern MA, Albany area anytime soon?

  19. Absolutely loved the book. How about a trip to Orioles country?
    See my review on the above blog site?

  20. davidefiner, gkbond: Thanks for asking. I’m out of vacation days at the moment, so I’ll be sticking close to the Chicago area for a while.

    Thanks very much for the great review, gkbond. I really appreciate it.

  21. Josh,

    Damn, I wish I had my cards. My money strapped little brother took all of mine and sold them. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to walk to the corner drug store and buy a pack of cards and a comic book again? The only place I find cards these days is WalMart.

    Maybe I get to meet you in Naperville. Might you come to Crystal Lake Borders this summer?

    Also, from a writing aspect, I was wondering about the portrayal of your brother in the book. I could not coalesce the affection you have for your brother with his relative lack of interest in you. Did you intend to show this as a one-sided big brother worship relationship, or were there some brotherly intimacies left out?

    Good luck with the book. Maybe you can help bring baseballs back.


  22. alcubbies: Thanks for reading the book!

    I can’t really argue for one interpretation over another in terms of the book–that is out of my hands now. All I can say is that to me the members of my family are the heroes of the book, people who had plenty of difficulties and challenges of their own but who always looked out for me when it mattered most and always supported me all through my life. I could argue that that feeling is in the book, but that’s just my own interpretation, which is no more worthy or “true” than anyone else’s. Anyway, thanks for thinking about the book and checking in on this site.

  23. I just read Ted Anthony’s online AP review of your book. Hope the praise continues deep into the post season.

  24. I just read that review, too. Pretty cool!

    si.com picked it up:

  25. Will you be doing a book signing at the Baseball hall of Fame in Cooperstown?

  26. pjcdmd: Thanks for asking. I’d love to do a signing in Cooperstown, but have nothing lined up there and wouldn’t be able to do get away from the day job for a while anyway. But how cool would that be? Maybe someday, if they’d ever have me…

  27. Josh,
    Are San Diego and Pasadena the only stops in CA?
    Any plans of making it up north, say San Francisco or Sacramento?
    I loved the book.

  28. Hey pschroed8:
    There are some plans to have a reading in Oakland in June. I’m going to try to get details up on this page soon. Thanks for asking!

  29. “a signing in Cooperstown,”

    The Hall is having some kind of literary exhibit, maybe you could ask about a reading for that weekend you’ll be in Brookline. (Or just go up there for their Legends Game–Bill Lee and Jim Rice are playing among others. June 19th. I just found out about this and I’m thinkin’ about going myself.)

  30. Just finished your book and enjoyed it throughly. Even though I am a Yankees fan living in Red Sox nation. To me a baseball fan is a baseball fan. I find myself going back through my own card collection with fond memories.

  31. Thanks, Steve.

  32. Josh, I just finished reading your book. Just loved it, especially your writing style. I am Brazilian but have been living in NYC for the past 11 years. I fell in love with baseball a couple of years ago. The most beautiful sport ever. By the way, I am a huge Mets fan.
    Keep on writing. Best, Lisandra.

  33. Thanks, Lisandra.

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